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11 Sep Travel Budgeting Like a Boss + Template

This is a guest post by Rachel of, who offered to share her budgeting breakdown with us.

My travel mantra has always been, Travel does NOT have to be expensive!

In fact, I only travel to places where I know I can stretch my dollars pretty far. I like to coin myself as a luxury budget traveler. The only time I went against that title is when I went backpacking through South East Asia last Fall. I mean, lets face it backpackingis not exactly glamorous with fancy hotels and lavish meals. Even still, I traveled for 3 months through Asia and only spent $2500!

In order to travel longer and with an array of experience, then you must budget! I am a pretty frugal individual in general, but when it comes to trips I like to plan accordingly. In this post, I will provide you with the exact budget template I use for my planning and budgeting my trips!

Download This Budget Template to See How I Did It & Use It to Plan Your Next Trip!

As far as my trips are concerned, the destinations choose me; I typically do not choose them!

I am going to show you how I will budget a trip to Brazil. A few months ago, I snatched a deal to Brazil for $273 round-trip! Seriously. Check out how I budget for the trip below:

Here Are Is The Process & Way I Go About Budgeting For Trips:

1. Destination Chooses Me! #Chose.

    • In this case, I grabbed this round-trip flight to Brazil for $273.

2. Decide on How Much I Want to Spend for the Entire Trip.

    • For Brazil, $1,000 would be more than enough. If not, I will make it enough!

3. Do Some Extensive Research On Things I Want to Do/See, Average Cost of Accommodations, Cost of Food, and Costs for Entertainment!

    • Some of my favorite sites for this is Trip Advisor, Yelp, Groupon, and Online Forums
    • Food will run me about $5-20/day (all meals)
    • I estimated all of the attractions to be ~ $150 (many of the things in Rio are free or very inexpensive)
    • We will be taking local transportation. In Rio, the metro is way cheaper than cabs

4. Accommodations for the entire trip total $91 (splitting with another person & rounded up to $100 on template below)

5. Once I have found my hotel/AirBnB/etc., estimated food and entertainment costs, and even factored in transportation, I plug it into my budget template!

6. My Budget Template Calculates Everything For Me and I Can See Where I Stand!



Notes & Tips:

  • When I do my budget planning, I account only for myself. This way, I can really overestimate my expenses. Since I am traveling with a friend, a lot of the costs will be split (hotel, cabs, etc.)
  • I rarely buy souvenirs (I was starting to end up with a bunch of crap!) for people or myself. I like sending postcards or getting something small and meaningful. This cuts costs and saves room in your luggage!
  • I love to eat local and authentic food! Not only does it taste so much better, but also you get a real authentic experience and it’s a lot cheaper than eating in the touristyspots.
  • So with a Budget of $1,000 for My Entire Trip to Brazil (including flight & hotel), Do You Think I Came Over and Under Budget?

Download This Budget Template to See How I Did It & Use It to Plan Your Next Trip!

So tell me.

How do you budget for your trips?

Journey On,

~ Rachel

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