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15 Apr 3 Tricks for Cheaper Travel

Budget airlines, flights, and promos are becoming quite ubiquitous these days; it’s starting to seem like you can’t throw a rock without hitting one. There’s always a bit of money to be saved, though, no matter how cheap the flight you just found is. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your travel dollar.

Aim for a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday fight

According to data gathered by air travel info company FareCompare, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday flights are typically the cheapest. Also try to shop for airfare on Tuesdays through Thursdays to make the most of short-lived promos, which typically go live on Tuesdays or late Monday, at the earliest. Interestingly enough, Wikipedia notes that FareCompare has received quite a bit of flak from some airlines for releasing this info.

Keep your searches secret

Google_Chrome_IncognitoThis may sound kind of strange, but Thrifty Nomads recommends using your browser’s incognito mode whenever you’re searching for cheap flights. Apparently, flight prices increase when a specific route is repeatedly searched. Incognito mode, which resets your browser’s cookies every time you open it, helps keep this potential price inflation from happening. Incognito mode can be accessed on the following browsers with keyboard shortcuts:

  • Google Chrome, Safari – CTRL+SHIFT+N for Windows users, CMD+SHIFT+N for Mac users
  • Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer – CTRL+SHIFT+P for Windows users, CMD+SHIFT+P for Mac users

Carry on with a carry-on

Clark & Mayfield carry-all Morrison leather laptop bag | Intentional Travelers

As much as possible, try to skip checking in luggage and just bring a carry-on bag instead. Budget airlines still have to make money, and Parking4Less specifically mentions luggage fees as one of the ways they do so in their blog post ‘Beware of the Cheap Flights Extra Costs’. Be sure to read the fine print on your ticket, too, so you don’t end up blindsided by high luggage fees. Some people recommend using wearable luggage so you can bring more items with you on-board; it won’t be the height of fashion but at least you won’t have to leave any important items behind.

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