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Blogging Abroad 'Boot Camp Blog Challenge' | Intentional Travelers

17 Dec Blogging Abroad’s Boot Camp Blog Challenge Starts January 1

Today, I’m really excited to announce my newest online project: Blogging Abroad. This is my new “baby,” you might say. It’s what I wake up thinking about first thing in the morning. 

About Blogging Abroad

Blogging Abroad is all about bridging cultures through blogging. It’s designed specifically for people living, working, volunteering, or studying overseas who want to share about their host country and promote cross-cultural understanding. The goal is to help these amateur bloggers “level up” their blogs to make an even bigger impact and expand their readership.

Here’s the plan to do that:

Phase One

Blogging Abroad screenshot

You can see a simplified, initial version of the new website is now live and features the program we’ll launch with in the New Year: a Boot Camp Blog Challenge. Since both Intentional Travelers and Blogging Abroad were inspired by the rewarding experience we had blogging during our Peace Corps service, I’m setting up this first challenge with Peace Corps Volunteers in mind (although it is open to anyone living in a foreign country).

Participants who sign up for the Blog Challenge will get e-mails twice per week for six weeks with blog post prompts. They’ll have a week to respond to each one on their own blog, and then I’ll publish a “round up” of links to all their posts.

Here’s what bloggers will get out of doing the Challenge:

Boot Camp Blog Challenge

Phase Two

The vision for Blogging Abroad is to build out more and more resources, tools, and e-courses that help people take their blogs to the next level and make a greater cross-cultural impact. The basic version of our Blogging Abroad toolkit and e-course will be free to our subscribers. Eventually, we’ll have paid, premium courses and tools available for folks who want more advanced help.

To help inspire future travelers and bloggers, we’ll also host a huge listing of featured culture-related blogs from around the world. When we were applying for Peace Corps back in 2011, there was a site like this called Peace Corps Journals with Volunteer blogs listed by country. A lot of people found that site to be really helpful, but it no longer exists. We intend to create something similar, though ours will not be limited to only Peace Corps blogs.

What this means for Intentional Travelers

We have every intention of continuing Intentional Travelers as a travel blog to inspire and equip every-day people to pursue life-changing experiences around the world. Blogging Abroad, though it’s own thing, also falls under that umbrella.

To really kick off Blogging Abroad successfully in the New Year, however, I plan to take a one month sabbatical from all things Intentional Travelers in January. We will be living and continuing work in Ecuador from mid-January to early March, and I want to make sure I have enough “bandwidth” to launch Blogging Abroad well. So you should expect a pause in Intentional Travelers blog posts, e-newsletter, and social media for the month of January. Anything that’s not pre-scheduled and sent out automatically will come to halt. Then come February, we’ll be ready to resume with business as usual with updates from Ecuador!

Calling all culture bloggers!

Join cross-culture bloggers around the world on a six week Blog Challenge starting New Years Day. Sign up now to “level up” your blog and make a bigger impact. It’s completely free and participants get early bird access to the Blogging Abroad toolkit and e-course. Even if you’re not able to participate in this first Blog Challenge, you should still subscribe to make sure you get updates as our future resources becomes available.

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