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10 Countries. 10 Stories: Global Neighbor Project

To celebrate our 10th year of marriage, we (Michelle and Jedd of will be visiting 10 countries with a set of interview questions to help turn strangers into neighbors.

For this project to reach beyond ourselves, we need you.

Global Neighbor Ambassadors will get:

  • Exclusive e-mail updates on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month, which includes:
    • A list of links to find each of our Global Neighbor blog posts and micro-stories on social media.
    • Brief updates on the status of our project and future plans
    • An insider peek at interview responses that won't be made public

In return, we ask that you take just 5 minutes each time you receive an update, and share any of the public stories that resonate with you or that you think your friends and family should see.

(We may ask for your advice from time to time, too!)


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