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03 Feb How Digital Nomads Have Found Travel Freedom

This past week, I came across an awesome resource I want to share for affordable, long-term travel. Digital Nomadism really is a growing phenomenon and these folks at $5 Traveller are just one more example of people making it work. Tommo and Megsy, a couple who have been traveling full time since April 2013, have an awesome, goofy-yet-practical podcast about Travel Freedom.

5-dollar-PlanetFive Dollar Travel “It Costs Less to Travel Full Time Than Stay Home” Podcast Episode

In this episode (click on the image above to stream the full podcast from their site), they compile 21 months of budget data from traveling the world full time to compare with how much they used to spend when they lived and worked in one place. As we’ve discovered ourselves, it actually costs less to travel! You just have to go about it the right way.

The other reason I appreciated this podcast episode so much was because they also talked about: What is a Digital Nomad? Here’s an excerpt (I combined both of their comments together for simplicity’s sake):

“Anybody who travels regularly and works from their computer… Any sort of online entrepreneurship that allows you to travel around without restrictions, makes it easy for you to have a business abroad, this is being a Digital Nomad. You work from a laptop on the beach, at your hotel -whatever- you go where you want, and you do your business online. No longer confined by an office cubicle.

And we’ve got a special term for this type of lifestyle; we are calling it Travel Freedom. Because that’s what it’s really about. The business side of it is what you have to do to make the money and, sure, you’ll probably find a business that you really enjoy doing- I mean we’ve enjoyed blogging about travel… But yeah, it’s being free. It’s having choice. It’s being able to travel when you want. It’s not being stuck to that two week vacation that you can only go once a year and you can barely afford to go because your rent’s so expensive where you live anyway. But it’s also about being your own boss. Being in control of your own destiny.” 

They really hit the nail on the head. Having the flexibility to work anywhere and enjoy daily life is liberating!

Are you a Digital Nomad or considering it for your future? Please introduce yourself. We’d love to hear your story in the comments below or the Contact page.

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