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Pet-Sitting Around the World (with video) - house-sit with pets in Costa Rica | Intentional Travelers

13 Jun Pet-Sitting Around the World (plus video)

As many of you know, Jedd and I have found pet-sitting and house-sitting to be an important ingredient in our nomadic life. There are so many benefits, including saving us money on rent and allowing us to test out different living situations.

Today we want to share a guest video about international pet-sitting by our fellow intentional travelers, Dorene and Troy from Travel life Experiences. Troy and Dorene left their home and their 20-year corporate careers to redesign their life according to their terms. They take videos and write blogs that can help others discover how travel can be the greatest accelerator of change.

This is one of their video updates about their first international pet sitting job in Costa Rica. Enjoy!

International Pet and Housesitting

“We are at our first international pet and housesit near Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, where we are spending three weeks. We’ve done pet sitting in Canada with friends and family before, but now is our first housesitting and pet-sitting gig abroad. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity of not only having fun looking after three lovable dogs and two independent cats but also of living in this beautiful and remote property.”

How we spend our time while pet sitting

“The most crucial part of our job is spending our time looking after the animals and ensuring that they are fed, walked and cared for. We also play with them and get them to do some activities, such as taking the dogs to the beach.

The other part is living. We work out each morning and spend part of the day relaxing and reading, while the other part is spent on working. We work online on our website and with our clients through email, Skype phone, and video calls during the day.

When we are committed to one location with decent internet, we catch up on video calls with our friends and family. For errands, we head into the nearby towns of Brasilita and Tamarindo, and trips for chores like groceries, gas and a visit to the vet (to get a cure for tick problems).”

What have we learned the most during pet sitting

“For me, I forgot how much I loved looking after dogs and cats. During the time we worked full time, I traveled extensively, and it made it difficult to have pets. Perhaps it was an excuse! So this is a perfect win-win scenario to enjoy the company of pets, as well as get the chance to continue with our travels.

Troy is grateful for trying out pet sitting as an opportunity to see more of the world. Only about a year ago, we had no idea that pet and house sitting was an option for us. When we read about the experiences of others who have done pet sitting, it convinced us. It’s a perfect relationship to enjoy pets in exchange for accommodations; while pet owners are assured that their pets are taken cared of rather than being put in a kennel. At the same time, they are put at ease knowing that their house is kept safe.”

Maybe pet sitting is an opportunity for you to try on your next vacation. It could also be that you need to find a sitter as a perfect solution during your next holiday so you can travel worry free.

Good pet and housesitting resources include:

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