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26 Mar Life Updates from J + M

New Transformational Travel Business

As we’ve mentioned briefly over the past month or two, we are in the works of launching a business around transformational travel. We are passionate about seeing our culture grow in understanding and appreciation for the world we live in, and be inspired by its beauty and diversity to become more generous, responsible, passionate global citizens.

The primary aim of our business is connecting people to resources for transformational travel. This includes a range of opportunities from long-term travel or living abroad, to vacations with a purpose. We can provide travel resources in a variety of forms. Online, we will be sharing information, products, and trip opportunities from partner organizations we believe in as well as creating our own books, blog posts, and e-guides.

We will also operate as travel consultants, which is meant to be broad and vague. It includes, but is not limited to, using official travel agency status under the umbrella organization of our mentor at Travel Team Brokers. This means we can book travel and put customized trip itineraries together for clients. Our hope is to be “team leaders” on different organized trips throughout the year and eventually coordinate some of our own small group tours to places like Jamaica.

To be completely honest, we’re not really sure what is going to come of this business. We have multiple “revenue streams” in the works and by trial and error, we’ll see which – if any – take off. As always, we appreciate your feedback and constructive ideas- a big thanks to those of you who already took our market survey!Intentional-Travelers1

Website and E-mail changes

In order to reflect the upgrade at from hobby blog to business, we’re getting a make-over. We’re currently in the process of rebranding with the help of a friend and colleague who has been assisting us with projects in our freelance web services business.

The website changes will be happening in phases over the next few months. We appreciate your patience if things get wonky while our site is under construction!

We’re also developing a new e-newsletter to share our best tips, travel ideas, and updates once or twice a month. You can now subscribe to the newsletter to make sure you don’t miss out.

Travel Plans

We’ve been in Honolulu, Hawaii since February helping Jedd’s parents make a big move to Iwakuni, Japan and fix up their condo. We’ve been running errands, packing, doing home repair projects, visiting friends and relatives, squeezing in work time on our laptops, and trying to do as much hiking as possible in our free time.Intentional-Travelers3

On Saturday, we’re on to our next big adventure. We’re making our first trip west of the Hawaiian islands to Asia! We’ll be staying about two and half weeks with friends who are living in Hanoi. Then we’ll make our way to Japan to visit Jedd’s parents in their new home for another two and a half weeks. In early May, we’ll head back to Oregon for the summer.

We’re planning to keep this trip very low budget. Thanks to travel hacking, our flight costs are minimal. Our accommodations are covered by the generosity of the friends and family who are hosting us in their homes. Since we’re pretty sure we’ll have another opportunity to visit these places again, there’s no pressure to see all the sights or do a lot of traveling once we arrive. Instead, we’re looking forward to seeing where friends and family live, spending time with them, eating local food, and continuing to work from our laptops!

Thanks for tuning in and being a part of our journey.


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