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18 Sep Live Your Legend: Remembering a Legacy

This week, we learned that Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend died during an accident on Mt. Kilimanjaro. I didn’t know Scott personally. I had zero personal interaction with him, unless you count spotting him in the crowd at World Domination Summit 2014. And yet, his work has impacted me – and thousands of others – and his sudden death has left a deep impression.

Scott’s Legacy

Scott was my age. In just three decades of life, he built something that touched many lives for the better: Live Your Legend. This online platform helps people follow their dreams and become their best selves. It is an inspiring life’s work and legacy to be proud of. What’s more, he died living it out to the fullest. For the past eight months, Scott and his wife, Chelsea, were traveling around the world on their dream trip of a lifetime. Arriving in Africa, he challenged himself to take a “digital sabbatical” in order to be more present as they set out to explore, volunteer, and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. He was always striving to grow and to go big.


Just a few weeks earlier, Scott actually took part in our crowdfunding campaign to launch the Wayfinding Academy (a new kind of college in Portland, helping students find their own path in life without going into massive student loan debt). He knew our Wayfinding Academy founder through TEDx and World Domination Summit, and today she published this special note about him:

When we reached our crowdfunding goal, Scott sent us this email from Serbia: “Yeahhhhhhh to breaking through 200k! The world is a brighter place. Now go keep making us proud :)”

And a few days before he said, “Chelsea and I were just sitting here…and were saying how cool your project is and how much it aligns with our personal values…I’ve had dreams of doing something like you’re doing for education one day, but I’m SO glad you got to it before me and I can instead just back you and a team that will nail it so much better than I could have ever hoped. 🙂
And I’m also in awe of the fact that we live in a world where 1. It’s possible for you to do what you’re doing for education and 2. For us to be on the other side of the world in the middle of nowhere and be able to support it in an instant. So so cool. The future is looking pretty bright!
Thanks for doing your thing.”

We on the Wayfinding Academy team would like to take the funds that Scott and his family contributed to our crowdfunding and set them aside to create a Live Your Legend scholarship in his honor. Every year we will choose a student who embodies the Live Your Legend values to get a $2000 scholarship to go towards their tuition. We are honored to add our voice to the many others around the world who are finding ways to honor Scott’s legacy.

Today, TED is honoring Scott’s message to the world by featuring his TEDx Talk on their homepage. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely take some time to watch it and reflect on your own legacy and how you want to impact the world.

To Chelsea

My heart goes out especially to Scott’s wife, Chelsea. I know my greatest fear is losing my life partner and the light of my life. How does one go on after losing the one person most dear to them? I can’t imagine… As for Scott, he will always be an inspiration to pursue our life’s purpose with passion and to use our gifts and talents to help others.

A couple “Best of the Blogosphere” blog posts

So, normally today I would be posting a “Best of the Blogosphere” round up of posts, and I’d like dedicate this weekend’s selection in honor of Scott. These are some of his posts on Live Your Legend that have been so valuable to me:

Start here to start benefiting from Scott’s generous, helpful work:
Top Articles for Solving Your Biggest Challenges, Making Progress, and Doing Work You Love

One of my favorite video interviews he did:
Simon Sinek Shares the Fastest (& Least Scary) Solution to a Miserable Job: Video Interview


Although we never met, Scott, I’m thankful for your example. You lived the kind of life I aspire to. May you rest in peace.

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