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New Monthly Photo Challenge to Promote Cross-Cultural Understanding

24 Mar New: Photo Challenge to Promote Cross-Cultural Understanding

If you are living abroad – or even if you have a stock pile of photos from a time when you were – then you would love our new Photo Challenge project!

If you’re not living abroad but know someone who is, will you share this with them?

Blogging Abroad

As many of you know, Michelle launched in January, and the mission is “bridging cultures through blogging (and social media).”

The six-week Blog Challenge was a big hit and helped bloggers around the world pump out a consistent series of meaningful, culture-related blog posts. This new challenge focuses on pictures and can be done through any social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

About the Photo Challenge

To join in the Photo Challenge, just sign up. On the first of each month, you’ll get an e-mail with 10 prompts that fall under an over-arching theme for the month. (For example: if the theme is “Out and About” and the first prompt is “Light,” you could share a photo of anything from a cool lamp post on your street to your favorite sunrise shot.)

You have a month to publish your ten photo responses in the order that they’re listed, on the social media platform of your choice. Tag us at @bloggingabroad and use the hashtag #BAphotochallenge. Be sure to give context with a nice caption for each post, too.

The best images will be re-shared on Blogging Abroad’s site and social media!

For the bloggers out there, we challenge you to get all of your photos up in the first half of the month, then use the second half of the month to compile them all together in a cohesive blog post.

Learn more on the Photo Challenge page, and sign up by March 30 to get the first set of prompts on April 1!

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