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18 Aug One Couple’s First Year of Full-Time Travel – 2 Minute Video

This post is a guest video from our fellow intentional travelers, Dorene and Troy from Travel Life Experiences. Troy and Dorene left their home and their 20-year corporate careers to redesign their life on their own terms. Their first year was about having fun, traveling around the world, and getting used to their new way of life. This video shares highlights of their first year of full-time travel in a 2-minute video reel. We hope you’ll find it as inspiring as we do!

Our year of travel in a 2-minute video

Is it possible to capture a full years worth of activities, let alone travel experiences in a short video? We made an effort to do that, to capture some of our favorite moments of 2015, our life-transforming year; the year we left our lives for a new location independent lifestyle and to start our Travel Life.

A year earlier, we took 12 months to plan our new lifestyle. We no longer owned a home, left our established careers after 20 years, and crammed our few remaining possessions into two backpacks each. Our mantra for 2015 was change – a word that symbolized our new approach to living. We learned how to live more simply, free of possessions, and developed new skills to create new careers. We learned about our own limits, our fears, and our challenges. Most importantly, we learned more about each other than we ever imagined, even after 9 years of marriage.

Where we went to during our life transforming year

Our video includes clips 365 days of travel included: Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Australia, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia.

Here are the places that are featured in the video, with additional links to information if you want to discover more!

Thanks for watching! Have you traveled for an extended period of time? Where did you go, and what did you see? What are your favorite travel experiences?

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