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29 Sep Our Favorite Places via Trover

What Is Trover?

We first introduced Trover in this post, but in case you missed it: Trover is a web application that allows you to share photos of your favorite places, or to search for cool places to visit, by location. You can use it on your computer via their website, or put the app on your phone. Search for photos of cool spots in your immediate vicinity or just scroll through the What’s Hot feed and get inspired to wander.

Intentional Travelers on Trover

We’ve been using Trover for over a year and have gathered quite a few photos from our recent travels on our account. We’ve also started some collections like The Pastry Queen’s Most Delectable Finds (Michelle’s favorite pastries, each one rated), Wanderings in Europe, Oregon Love, and more.

Note: If you are reading this via e-mail or RSS feed and it looks garbled, you may not be able to see the photo “widget” correctly. Just view this post directly on our site to see the images better. You should be able to scroll within each section to see more images, or click on individual images to bring up a larger picture with the description.

View IntentionalTravelers’ photos on Trover

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