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12 May Top Things to Do in Memphis

Update: I'm delighted by the great response from Memphians to this post! I want to encourage readers to check out all of their additional recommendations in the comments section at the bottom of the page, and feel free to add your own. Thanks!
Most of us have misconceptions of a city before we actually visit. I honestly didn't know much about Memphis but my expectations were not too high. The reason for making it a stop on our road trip was because my brother and his girlfriend are doing their residencies there. What we've discovered throughout this road trip is the great value in knowing a local who can show you around. They've already put in the time to discover what is worthwhile and what's not. So in a place like Memphis, which has been slowly revitalizing itself, we were able to skip ahead to the places that outshone the rest. Overall, we were pleasantly surprised. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="619,620,621,622,623,624,625,626,627,628"] Below, I'm sharing my brother's top recommendations for things to see and do in Memphis. Some we saw for ourselves and others we didn't have time for.
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A Local's Guide to the Best of Birmingham: 10 Must Do Things | Intentional Travelers

08 May The Best of Birmingham: 10 ‘Must Do’ Activities

The latest adventure on our post-Peace Corps road trip from Orlando to Chicago included a whirlwind stop in Birmingham, Alabama. This detour was not in our original itinerary, but a week before we left Jamaica, plans to visit fell in place with our friend, fellow Peace Corps Volunteer, and Birmingham native: Riley.
No one loves their hometown more than Riley loves Birmingham. He has been constantly promoting his city- and the South in general- to us Peace Corps Volunteers over the past two years. In fact, we dubbed him "future mayor of Birmingham." So when we had the chance to stop in Alabama for a few hours and get a personal tour, we couldn't pass it up.
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06 May A Post-Peace Corps Road Trip

We put a lot of thought into what we wanted to do after we finished our Peace Corps service in Jamaica. The recurring themes were always: travel and see people (thanks for the "travel theme concept" from Life With A Mission). After spending two years on an island without a car, visiting our friends and family via road trip rose to the top of our list. Below is a quick photo recap of the first half of our trip:
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31 Mar The Real Jamaica: Photo Gallery and Video

From 2012 to 2014, we lived in Jamaica as Peace Corps Volunteers. If you know anything about Peace Corps, you know that the idea is to promote cross-cultural understanding and that Volunteers live as close as safely possible to the standard of living of their local counterparts. In other words,...

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