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16 Mar Hawaii Ohana: Video Post

I don’t think the concept of “enjoying things you love with people you love” is ground breaking or earth shattering. If anything, it’s a simple life goal for me, a simple reminder of what is important in life. This is a video from a recent beach trip in Hawaii my...

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15 Mar The Land of Haiti

I realized with my last post on Haitian people, I did a lot of talking and in sharing about the land, so here I plan to let most of the pictures speak for themselves. The main thing to think about when you look at each one is the relationship between humans and...

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Haiti Foundation of Hope

15 Mar The People of Haiti

When I think about the people of Haiti, I am reminded of their beauty both in spirit and in appearance. They are striking and hauntingly beautiful, particularly when they smile which is not their typical first glance impression. Most Haitians at first glance seem unapproachable and a bit irritable. It’s...

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15 Mar Alaska: Into the Wild…

Eagle Creek, AK

If you’ve never read the book “Into the Wild” you should. The movie was ok. The book did a better job of telling the story of a young man who decided to follow his wanderlust to Alaska (and without sharing too much, I will stop there). This was my second time in Alaska for work travel.
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