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Feel-good, cross-cultural movies to explore the globe from home

10 May 11 Uplifting Global Movies

Travel isn't the only way to open our eyes to new cultures. We've hand-picked 11 movies that will help you learn about our world, grow in cultural understanding, and also leave a smile on your face. Entertainment for Good We think it's important for everyone, young and old, to be engaged, global...

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How to pronounce Hawaiian words, learn Hawaiian pidgin slang phrases | Intentional Travelers

03 May Hawaiian language: what you should know before you go

If you're traveling to Hawaii, it's very useful to familiarize yourself with the pronunciation of the Hawaiian language and learn some Hawaiian phrases. It's also fun! Hawaii is one of the most unique places to visit in the United States because of the native Hawaiian culture and how important it is to everyday life here....

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26 Apr How We Make A Living As Working Nomads

How We Make Money and Travel as Digital Nomads Every digital nomad has their own way of making money online and traveling the world. The possibilities are endless when it comes to digital nomad jobs (more about that in our What is a Digital Nomad post). Jedd and I have our own...

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Clark & Mayfield carry-all Morrison leather laptop bag | Intentional Travelers

18 Apr Packing hacks of frequent travelers

Knowing how to pack a suitcase or backpack is an important skill. We reached out to some of our favorite frequent travelers about their top travel hacks for packing light. Each set of travelers has a different packing strategy. Hopefully, their tried-and-tested packing tips will help you discover the best way to...

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