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05 Oct How to Be Happier Heading Home: The Re-Entry Relaunch Roadmap

We often spend weeks or even months preparing to go abroad. We anticipate the trip in our minds, maybe research some travel tips, buy new clothes or supplies for our journey, book tickets, and do all kinds of other preparations in advance of leaving home.

But what happens when the big adventure is over? Do we spend any effort preparing to “re-enter” and go back home?

You may be surprised to have “reverse culture shock” when you get home. You may experience disorienting, depressing feelings when returning from an international trip. The longer you’ve been abroad, the more likely it is that you’ve readjusted to new ways of doing things. You’ve grown and changed, but once you’re back home, it’s hard to know where the “new you” fits in.

That’s why my friend, Cate, made the Re-Entry Relaunch Roadmap.

About the Re-Entry Relaunch Roadmap workbook

This is a “a creative guide for finding happiness, success, and your next global adventure after being abroad.” This workbook was developed by Cate Brubaker, an expert in the re-entry process. Cate is in a ladies travel “mastermind” group with me and has featured us on her site, Small Planet Studio, in the past. She gave me a preview of the workbook and even included Jedd and I in the Global Ingredients section.

If you have lived, worked, taught, interned, studied, volunteered or traveled abroad and don’t want to simply go back to the status quo of the home you left behind, then this workbook is for you.

I was impressed by the clean, imaginative lay-out and the helpful reflection exercises, tips and inspiration that are packed into this book. The exercises help you process your travel experiences, reframe your re-entry into something positive, and come out the other end with a more fulfilling, global life – even if you don’t go abroad again.

As Cate says in the book:

“You might assume that your global adventure is over, but rest assured that “home” is where the real adventure begins. Travel is the catalyst; re-entry is where the transformation takes place.”

You can order the Re-Entry Relaunch Roadmap paperback workbook from Amazon. It’s on sale through Tuesday, October 11 for $13.

Cate is also hosting a free webinar on the 11th called “How to Make Going Home the Best Part of Going Abroad.” Click here to reserve your spot. Whether you’re still abroad or have been back home for a while, I definitely recommend checking this out!


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