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13 Jul Slow Travel in Nicaragua

This post is a guest video from our fellow intentional travelers, Dorene and Troy of Travel life Experiences. Troy and Dorene left their home and their 20-year corporate careers to redesign their life on their own terms. They write and create videos about their life changes and hope to help others discover how travel can be the greatest accelerator of change.

This is one of their videos about traveling slowly in Nicaragua during their first year as full-time travelers. We think you’ll find this glimpse into their experience inspiring!

Ometepe Island Life

This is one of our day-in-the-life videos during our trip to Nicaragua. After traveling to several different countries last year, we decided to unpack our bags and stay a while, and we rented a cabin on an organic farm on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua.

There is something to say about a routine, after a number of months without one.

After months of traveling across the world, we are grateful we have the time to travel slowly, to take in our surroundings in front of us and enjoy it completely.

We rediscovered the joy in the simple things that matter, the things we take for granted from our old life. Ordinary tasks were warmly welcomed back, such as buying groceries to cook our own meals from a kitchen, finding a comfortable spot to work, and sitting on the patio surrounded by nature to relax and think and meditate. Even hanging up our clothes after washing was a comforting chore! Of course, we make exercising everyday an important part of our daily routine.

Why we stayed

We had spent time on Ometepe Island before, and we really wanted to get back to see more of it, rather than just a few days. So, we came back to live there for a month.

Ometepe is a volcanic island in the middle of lake Nicaragua. Two massive volcanoes on each end of the land created the odd-shaped island.

Our rented cabin on Ometepe was near Balgüe, a more quiet part of the island. It’s private – our own space to learn, think and just enjoy life at a slower pace.

The owners of the land taught us a lot about looking after the land, being conscious of our waste, and our care of the environment. For instance, garbage there has to be carried off the island, so we were much more aware of the impact of packaging and waste. With that awareness was also the appreciation for gathering fresh picked limes and dragon fruit, and digging up ginger from the ground for tea.

Heading to Nicaragua?

You cannot miss Ometepe Island. If you’re looking for a great place to stay, contact Eileen and Darrin at Via Verde B&B. There are two rooms are available in the main house or the cabin in the woods where we stayed.

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