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24 Feb Intentional Travelers Gear Give-Away

Travelers: Today we are excited to be collaborating with two partners to offer you a travel gear give-away valued at about $75! Three lucky winners will get a prize package including:

We’ve had the opportunity to test out each of these products (see details below), and we think you’re really going to like them!


Update: This contest has now closed.


Gerry, the creator of Florious travel gear, is a member of our Intentional Travelers community who has just embarked on a round-the-world trip with his family of five. He started Florious after discovering a lack of high quality products made with environmentally friendly materials. Their premium packing cubes and neck pouch are made from recycled pop bottles!

Packing Cubes

When we got serious about living out of our suitcases, we quickly discovered a need to better organize our luggage. After just a couple days pulling clothes out and stuffing them back in, our once-neatly-packed suitcase became a mess for the remainder of the trip. Then we discovered packing cubes!

Now, we never travel without packing cubes. They’re like having dresser drawers within our suitcase or backpack, keeping all our stuff much tidier and easy to find. I typically use a small cube for socks and underwear, a medium cube for work out clothes, and a larger cube for every day clothes. Having a dedicated bag for laundry always comes in handy, too!

Neck Pouch / Travel Wallet

Florious-travel-gear - 4

When traveling from place to place with all of your belongings, it’s wise to keep your money and passports where no one can reach them. If someone wanted to, they could walk away with your bag. And your pockets aren’t all that safe – after all, pickpockets are called that for a reason! Your best bet is to keep your valuables close to your body, under your clothes; and the easiest way to do that is with a neck pouch.

To be honest, the pouch is not something we use on a daily basis. It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world – we recommend wearing an undershirt so it’s not sticking to you when you get sweaty. Also, because we travel more slowly, we usually have a “homebase” where we can safely store our belongings and just carry the little bit of money we need for the day. But when we’re picking up and taking all our stuff from Quito to Cuenca in a bus, for example, then it comes in handy. Those are the times we want to make sure our passports never leave our sides.

A note about the Florious products give-away: 100%-off discount codes will be issued to the contest winners via e-mail, however, Florious will only cover shipping costs within the United States.

GPS My City

GPS My City walk appThe folks at GPS My City have created hundreds of walking tours of cities around the world, from Kuwait to Copenhagen. These tours are available on your smartphone, and they work offline with your phone’s GPS regardless of whether you have cell data or wifi. Since wandering around by foot is one of our favorite ways to explore a new place, a walking tour app is a natural fit for our travels.

We tested out the walking tour of Quito, Ecuador one day last month. We’re always hyper aware when carrying valuables or electronics around in certain cities and tourist-y places, so we were very intentional about when and where we pulled out our smartphone to check the app. Even still, it was nice to have our destinations laid out for us on the map since it was a city we knew very little about. We could also select what types of attractions we wanted to see on the tour, get turn-by-turn instructions, and bookmark our favorite spots.

A note about the GPS My City product give-away: Winners must respond to our notification e-mail and select two cities of their choice from those available through GPS My City. Winners will then receive a discount code by e-mail for two free in-app purchases for the cities of their choice. This give-away works for iPhone or iPad apps only.


Update: This contest has now closed.


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