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04 Mar Traveler Interview: Jeremy of Living The Dream

Next up in our series of Intentional Traveler interviews is Jeremy of Living The Dream. His travel blog is a resource for travelers who want to get out and explore the world for months or years on end. Jeremy has been to 67 countries and focuses on adventure travel and culinary arts. He has taken part in activities like trekking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, diving with great white sharks in South Africa, visiting the moai of Easter Island, eating scorpion in China and balut in Vietnam, and taking numerous cooking classes around the world (China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Chile, Mexico, and many more.)Living-The-Dream1
How did you get interested in the long-term travel lifestyle?  I didn’t even know the lifestyle existed until I was on a short vacation after finishing college and met travelers who were out for a year-plus.  I began researching it more and knew that I had to do it.
How do you pay for big trips?  I’ve been on two long-term trips now. My second long-term trip was a 15-month adventure around the world that had my wife and I visit nearly 40 countries on five continents. It was five years in the making. I had originally wanted to do this trip on my own a few years earlier, but my wife (then girlfriend) came into the picture and I ended up doing half to come home and marry her! For both big trips I’ve saved for several years while at home and working full-time in my field.  It was a lot of long hours and not doing much otherwise, but it got the job done.Koh Phi Phi Thailand
If you could give one piece of advice to others interested in your lifestyle, what would it be?  The hardest part is deciding to go.  Most people think it is saving up the money, but really your ability to save is only as good as your determination to make it happen.  The more you let the idea of a long-term trip consume you, the more you’ll do to make it happen.
Are there any online resources you find especially useful in your travels or travel planning?  I’m a big fan of Wikitravel because it is, for the most part, individually sourced recommendations that aren’t sponsored by companies (and you can tell when a place is just plugging itself).  I also look into travel blogs of others who travel like me for a more authentic recommendation.
Where is the coolest place you’ve been to recently or coolest thing you’ve done recently?  I was in Sri Lanka for a conference last November and it was an incredibly gorgeous country with wonderful people, lots of activities, and delicious food.  One day we went to a national park and saw about 200 elephants congregating near a watering hole. We barely saw 50 in Chobe National Park in Botswana, and that is supposed to be one of the best places in the world for elephant spotting.

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  • Kathy @ SMART Living
    Posted at 08:18h, 09 March

    Good inspiring story about someone who is indeed living the dream. While we all want to believe some people are just lucky and everything is easy, I think Jeremy’s honest remark about how we just have to “decide to do it” and then do whatever it takes is a good example. Good for Jeremy and you both for living your dream.

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