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27 Oct Trover: Discover the Best of Everywhere

Introducing Trover

One of the new online networks we’ve been trying out this year is Trover. It’s a photo sharing site (and app) specifically for travelers because each picture is tagged with its specific geographic location. It’s a great way to share travel recommendations and find inspiration for future trips.Trover Homepage for Intentional Travelers


How It Works

Since we returned from Peace Corps and started this travel blog, we’ve been posting some of our best photos from our favorite locations, pin-pointing each spot on the map and providing a brief description. We compile the photos into lists like: Best of Jamaica, Oregon Love, and (my personal favorite) The Pastry Queen’s Most Delectable Finds. Right now, Trover is doing a give-away for anyone who has a Bucket List on Trover, so I’ve also started adding photos of places I want to visit from other users- sort of like Pinterest.

Others in the Trover community will thank us for our “discoveries,” follow our photo stream, add our photos to their own lists, and vise versa. We have used the Trover smartphone app a few times in the midst of traveling, too. For example, if we’re in a new place and I want to make sure we’re not missing out on something extraordinary, I search Trover for nearby photos. It brings up images of nearby places, starting with those closest to your location (or whatever destination you’re searching for).

Top Trovers!

Featured List: Top Trovers - Intentional Travelers

We were very excited to get a notification today telling us that we were selected as Top Trovers! If you go to their Featured Lists (or click on the image to the left), our profile has been added to the Top Trovers page.

We are very thankful and honored to be recognized by the Trover team. It’s been a lot of fun using the site and sharing with other travelers!

Let us know if you start “troving” and we’ll be sure to follow you.


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