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The Ultimate Guide to Awesome, Meaningful Blog Posts While Living or Traveling Abroad - guidelines and a huge blog post idea bank for transformational, cross-cultural travel | Intentional Travelers

06 May The Ultimate Guide to Awesome, Meaningful Blog Posts While Living or Traveling Abroad

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You’re abroad having wonderful, enriching, challenging, and crazy cross-cultural experiences, meanwhile your friends and family back home are missing out. What can you do to make sure you’re not the only one benefiting from this life-changing opportunity? How can you share what you’re learning and experiencing  in a way that will keep people at home interested?

Whether you’re volunteering (like Peace Corps), living abroad for other reasons, or simply traveling through a new culture, a blog can be a great platform to draw people in. Not everyone can do what you’re doing, but they can benefit from the impact your experience has on your life … if you share it.

We originally helped create a blog post idea back when we were Peace Corps Volunteers sharing about our host country to family and friends. Peace Corps headquarters brought us together with a few of the top Peace Corps Volunteer bloggers from around the world to brainstorm ways Volunteers could better use technology as a tool for promoting cross-cultural understanding. Shout out to Jessica (Mexico), Sara (Thailand), Josh and Jen (Ethiopia)!pc-blog-it-home

We’ve revamped some of our original ideas to apply not just to Peace Corps bloggers but anyone wanting to use their blog to promote cross-cultural understanding and global citizenship.

Blog Basics

The necessary elements for increasing your readership and making an impact with your words are important regardless of your blog’s topic. If you’re just starting out, these foundational guidelines will get you pointed in the right direction. If you’ve been blogging for a while already, they can help you hone your craft.

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Blog post idea bankBlog Post Idea Bank - great list of ideas for awesome, meaningful blog posts while living or traveling cross-culturally | Intentional Travelers

We all need a little inspiration from time to time, especially when you get accustomed to your life abroad and things aren’t as new and exciting anymore. To keep your readers engaged, You need fresh ideas and creative ways to mix things up on your blog. That’s why we put this idea bank together. Feel free to contact us with your own brilliant ideas that we can add to the list!

These resources have moved to

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