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Best Peace Corps Videos Around the World | Intentional Travelers

24 Aug Best Videos by Peace Corps Volunteers Around the World

Top Short Videos by Peace Corps Volunteers Happiness in Paraguay by Jamieson Cox: This Peace Corps Week 2016 video winner depicts a beloved Praguayan custom that brings people together We Are Together by Kevin Tang: The second place Peace Corps Week 2016 winner shares the value of unity in Cameroon What is Happiness in Mongolia?...

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Tips for Travel in Bangkok Thailand | Intentional Travelers

11 Aug Tips for Travel in Bangkok

We'll be taking our first trip to Thailand this Fall, so I was delighted when our friend and fellow intentional traveler, Karen Bortvedt, shared these independent, budget travel tips for the Intentional Travelers community! Karen is currently serving with the Deaf Development Program in Phnom Penh, Cambodia through Maryknoll Lay Missioners. If...

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walking app - 1

25 Jul Self-Guided Walking Tours: Now On Your Phone With GPS

Exploring new places on foot is one of our favorite ways to travel. That's why many of our blog posts feature self-guided walking tours. We put together lists and maps of great places to visit in places like Brussels, Bruges, Paris, and Cuenca because that's the kind of information we search for when we're traveling. But...

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Ometepe Home Is Where Your Bag Is

13 Jul Slow Travel in Nicaragua

This post is a guest video from our fellow intentional travelers, Dorene and Troy of Travel life Experiences. Troy and Dorene left their home and their 20-year corporate careers to redesign their life on their own terms. They write and create videos about their life changes and hope to help others...

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05 Jul 6 Tips for Budget Travel in Korea

South Korea was often overlooked by travelers to Asia who opt to visit Japan or Southeast Asia. But thanks to Kpop and the Hallyu wave, Korea is gaining recognition and attracting more tourists. Upon arrival, one will quickly discover that there is much more to the peninsula than kimchi and BB...

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