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10 Mar 10 Things I Learned When RVing

This is a guest post by one of our featured intentional travelers, Alyssa Padgett. I think my husband and I are the youngest couple living in an RV on the road. Inspired by our grandparents who shared amazing stories of life on the road, Heath and I decided to forego a “typical”...

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The Best and Worst of America - highlights and lowlights of the States from full-time RV'er Alyssa |

21 Feb The Best and Worst of America

This is a guest post by fellow Intentional Traveler, Alyssa Padgett. Shortly after their wedding, she and her husband, Heath, bought an RV and filmed a documentary across the country called Hourly America. In 2014, I drove - well, let’s not true - my husband drove across the 48 continental states. We’ve explored each state, getting...

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