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07 Jul 3 Fantastic Day Trips from Salem

Although often in the shadow of its bigger and "hipper" neighbor, Portland, this capitol city (and my former home town) has its share of unique and visit-worthy attractions. Read more from the Rediscovering Salem series here: 5 Favorite Places to Run (or Walk) in Salem Top Places to Enjoy Salem's Summer Harvest Best Coffee...

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17 Jul Words of Wisdom from World Domination Summit

All photos in this post are by Armosa Studios This was our second year participating in the World Domination Summit. If you're not familiar, it's an annual event in downtown Portland that brings together entrepreneurs, creatives, and world-changers who are pursuing a "remarkable life in a conventional world" and who value Community,...

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Our Tiny House Sit: Trying Tiny On For Size | Intentional Travelers

22 May Our Tiny House-Sit: Trying Tiny On For Size

One of the often overlooked benefits of house-sitting is the ability to try out different living arrangements before you settle down. This month, we had the unique opportunity to house sit a friend's tiny home in Portland, Oregon for three weeks. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="16016,16017,16022"] So far, we really love the experience. There are...

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