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Why "Intentional"?

Being intentional means deliberately and conscientiously choosing the way we live our lives. It’s often contradictory to doing what’s “normal,” what we feel is expected of us, what we see others do, or what we’re in the habit of doing.


This is a big deal because if we’re not intentional, we will end up wasting time, effort, and money on things that don’t actually matter or bring meaning and satisfaction to our life.


Being intentional is about knowing what our true values are, then making deliberate choices to prioritize those values in our life. For us personally, we have chosen to prioritize flexibility and travel over stability and certainty. There is no ONE way to live intentionally. It looks different for everybody because each person’s values are different.


We hope to encourage everyone to align their daily decisions and life choices with the values they care most about. For people passionate about travel – and we know there are many – our site is for people who intentionally pursue meaningful, transformation experiences around the world.

What is transformational travel?

According to Mark Twain, Rick Steves, today’s top travel bloggers (and every-day people), experiencing a world outside of our own bubble has the power to make us better people.


Not all travel can do this. Though the typical vacation can be a much-needed source of relaxation, it usually doesn’t change anyone’s life. Cross-cultural exchanges; slower, long-term travel; and opportunities to connect with nature are just a few examples that have the power to fuel our passion for life-long learning and global citizenship. Meaningful experiences like these often make us more understanding, compassionate, responsible, and generous human beings – effects that ripple out across our communities and help create a better world.


Intentional, transformational travel is not travel just for the sake of rest, entertainment, or self-indulgence. It’s travel for the sake of learning, growing, and trying new experiences.

Our Story

We are Jedd and Michelle, digital nomads who blog about intentional living and travel. Originally from Hawaii and Oregon, respectively, we got married in 2008 and have been adventuring together ever since.


In 2011, we left our “real jobs” to take a sabbatical- a time set apart to experience new things, to learn, and to grow. We took an epic road trip and did some house-sitting. Then we ended up serving with the Peace Corps in Jamaica from 2012 to 2014, and it was a life changing decision! Our time away made us realize that we don’t have to go back to a typical life, consumed by careers until we save enough to retire in freedom.


We believe we don’t have to wait until retirement to live our dreams. And if we’re intentional about our choices, there are out-of-the-box ways to make travel a consistent part of our lives right now.


In 2014, we started IntentionalTravelers.com. Travel has changed our lives, and we want to share what we’ve learned along the way to help others reap the benefits, too.


We make ends meet through our freelance web services business, serving small businesses and non-profits with online content creation, social media marketing, and other website or branding projects. This allows us to work from anywhere (hence the term “digital nomads”).


We live very simply and keep costs low, trading what we would have paid in rent for the ability to live in many different places. We use our travel hacking skills to earn all our free international flights.


More recently, we’ve helped out with events like World Domination Summit and Pioneer Nation, and helped launch a new kind of college called Wayfinding Academy – all in Portland, Oregon. Michelle also started a side project called Blogging Abroad, which helps people living abroad “level up” their blogs for cross-cultural impact.


To celebrate our 10th year of marriage, we’ve started something we call our 10 Countries 10 Stories: Global Neighbor Project.

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We created this site to help you become a successful, intentional traveler. We’ll show you how to make travel easier, more affordable, and more meaningful. We’ll help you think outside the box with trip ideas, share real world examples of people like you who make transformation travel a part of their lives, and connect you to partner organizations who can make your travel dreams a reality. 

Our Team


Founder & Director
A planner, organizer, learner of languages, introvert, and dabbler in creative pursuits, Michelle got an MBA  from Gonzaga University to expand her practical skills. Prior to serving in the Peace Corps with her husband, Jedd, she worked in higher education, non-profit management, and international development. She also speaks French and Spanish.


Chief Dreamer & Tech Guru
Growing up in Hawaii, Jedd’s first started traveling internationally when he married Michelle in 2008 and hasn’t stopped. With a background in sociology and communications, he has worked in higher ed, recruitment, brand management, and customer service. A natural extrovert, technology buff, and big dreamer, Jedd is rarely sitting still – figuratively and literally.


Featured Contributors
Our featured contributors are perfect examples of Intentional Travelers. Dorene and Troy left the corporate world to become digital nomads, traveling internationally full time and blogging at Travel Life Experiences. Lianne has taught English in Korea and traveled frequently with couch-surfing and help exchange. Heath and Alyssa Padgett travel full time in their RV while freelancing and launching a business.


Intentional Travelers
Intentional Travelers have contributed to our community in various ways. Whether by sharing travel experiences and lessons learned, writing guest posts, interacting online, meeting up with us in random places around the globe, the success of this site truly is a group effort.

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