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4 Surprising Things I Didn't Know About Italy - Italian culture and lifestyle in Italy | Intentional Travelers

22 Dec 4 Surprising Things I Didn’t Know About Italy

My knowledge of Italy before I visited was limited to Italian food. I knew that Italy is the country where pizza, pasta, and gelato come from. I also love the movies Cinema Paradiso and Life is Beautiful, and I’ve watched every episode of Anthony Bourdain’s visits to Italy. But what are...

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Italy's prettiest small villages to visit from Tuscany to Puglia to Veneto - 10 of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy to Visit

13 Dec 10 of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy

We're excited to share this guest post with you from Rebecca Hughes of La Brutta Figura: Unlocking Italy. She's a Scottish travel writer, adopted by Italy, who took on a challenge we'd love to do ourselves: visiting all of the most beautiful villages in Italy! Today Rebecca is sharing some...

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26 Nov 10 Cultural Experiences to Try in Samoa

When travelers and tourists alike make their way to the shores of Samoa, many are content to spend their days lackadaisically catching sun rays on the beach. Others will pack up and try to make the most of their time. They will rent a car and adventurously scour the island...

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Culinary Backstreets Lisbon Food Tour: Song of the Seas review

14 Nov Culinary Backstreets Lisbon Food Tour: Song of the Seas Review

About Culinary Backstreets Culinary Backstreets is an organization passionate about telling the stories behind a city's foodways. They promote and protect traditional culinary culture, highlighting masters of their craft and family-run establishments through walking tours, downloadable Eatineraries, and written articles. You'll find them in Istanbul, Athens, Barcelona, Lisbon, Naples, Tbilisi, Queens, Mexico...

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