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In our journey to become self-employed digital nomads (perpetually traveling and working online) we’re constantly researching and learning new things. The resources below are tried and tested winners that we couldn’t keep to ourselves. We hope this ever-growing list of tricks and tools will help you in your own travels, blogs, and work. (click on any of the links/tabs below)

Budget Travel
If we can’t stay with friends, this is the number one way we find accommodations. People all over the globe host you in a spare room or provide a full home rental, giving you access to more amenities, a local connection, and often lower prices than you’ll find with hotels. Check guest reviews and communicate with your host before booking to ensure it’s a good fit for your needs. (Use our link to get up to $40 off your first stay.)


ITA Matrix
We use this high-powered search tool to research flights because it has highly customizable search options and covers just about every flight out there.


Kayak Explore
For simple travel itineraries, we like Kayak. And their Explore page is a fun way to find the cheap fares from your local airport when you don’t have a particular destination in mind. Want to go somewhere sunny in December? You can search by month and by weather on Kayak Explore.


When traveling in unfamiliar areas, Rome2Rio is super helpful with finding the best method of transit from one place to another. It aggregates flights, trains, bus, subway, and taxi options by price, duration, and number of transfers.


This global budget tracking iPhone app is the best way to track your spending on multi-country trips because it uses the latest exchange rate for multiple currencies. First 25 entries are free, then if you like it, upgrade to Pro with a small one-time fee.


“Discover the best of everywhere.” This up-and-coming social sharing site and app is a blend of Pinterest and Foursquare, specifically for travelers. Post images of your best finds or search for photos by location. Great for looking up nearby hidden treasures when you’re on the road, or creating a bucket list for your next trip.


Stay for free around the world by house-sitting and caring for pets. Create a free profile and browse house-sit opportunities around the world. You don’t have to pay for membership until you want to start contacting homeowners.


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Travel Hacking


Travel Hacking posts on Intentional Travelers
A small collection of blog posts from our own experiences getting started with travel hacking. In our first year, we earned enough miles for two round-trip international trips (for two) and then we just kept going…



Become a Frequent Flyer Master | Intentional TravelersFrequent Flyer Master guide
If you’re wanting to get started in the art of accumulating miles and points to get free or discounted travel, then there is no better place to learn the ropes. With the help of this guide, we learned how to earn enough miles to fly the both of us for free to Europe and Jamaica in less than a year. In the world of travel hacking, that’s barely scratching the surface of what’s possible.




Make Your Dream Trip A Reality course

This course covers much of the same information as the guide (if not more), and it’s even more engaging.

This course has 33 lessons and seven downloads (including the Credit Card Tracker that I use constantly) that will help you:


  • Master the system of Frequent Flier miles and hotel points
  • Set up a personal points-earning strategy – even if you don’t fly
  • Upgrade your dream vacation experience at no cost to you


They also bring in other guest globetrotters and help the studio audience through the process of travel hacking their dream trips, so you can really see how to apply what you’re learning in real life.

Digital Nomads


Digital Nomad posts on Intentional Travelers


Live and Work From Anywhere guide
“The obligation to earn a paycheck from a single employer is outdated and unnecessary. With a bit of planning, you can pack your carry-on and hit the ground running, earning all the money you need while seeing the world or settling into a foreign culture.” This guide provides the tools and resources you need to make it possible.


Create a Micro-Business That Matters course
This course is a practical guide to becoming a micropreneur and finding freedom by being your own boss.


Find A Nomad
Working online allows us to be nomadic, but when you’re always traveling, it’s important to stay connected with community. This online map shows where other digital nomads are hanging out both right now and in the future so you can meet up with like-minded folks.


Designed to Sell: Turn Your Creativity Into A Career guide
A creative business guide for artists, designers, crafters, and anyone with a dream of making something to sell. Learn the steps to take to earn income independently with resources from other successful creative professionals.


Get Paid for Your Writing: Freelance Writing guide
Use this guide to learn the ins and outs of making money with freelance writing, whether you want a supplemental income or a writing career.



The Ultimate Guide to Awesome, Meaningful Blog Posts While Living or Traveling Abroad
A comprehensive post of smart blogging tips and a massive list of creative blog post ideas to help grow your audience and keep them interested, specifically for bloggers interested in promoting cross-cultural understanding.


We switched to this e-mail newsletter platform after using MailChimp, and we’d recommend it to anyone serious about blogging as a business. Convertkit is better designed for building your list and serving your audience. Check out their free e-mail marketing e-book.


This blog is the ultimate resource on blogging. With a wealth of resources, like practical articles on monetizing a blog, this is our top recommendation if you’re looking to grow and improve your blog.


How to Start a Blog With Purpose: Beginner’s Course
This course shares the nuts and bolts of starting a blog, getting your first 100 followers, and making money.


We use this online tool on a weekly basis to create and edit images for our site. There’s a free trial and then it’s just $4/month.

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

Travel Gear


Having the right gear can make a huge difference in your travel experience. Gear should be multifunctional and as compact and light as possible. It should be adaptable because you never know what kind of situation you might face. All of the gear below are things we actually own and things we LOVE because they have enhanced our travel experience. There are other things we could have listed but these are our absolutely favorite things that we always travel with.


The best way to organize and pack clothing for any travel adventure. These sets offer the best value and versatility. We’ve also used them to organize electronics and other random items. We also use the Pack It Cube set, which is a bit sturdier.


All of our photos on our site are taken using this awesome point and shoot camera. It’s not the most technically advanced camera on the market but it’s perfect for travel because of it’s size and the images and video our outstanding, even in poorly lit conditions.


For avid readers who are frequently on the road, having all your books (and even PDFs or other documents) in one place saves a lot of space in the suitcase. Michelle got a Kindle with hardcover while in Peace Corps and still uses it daily. The long battery life and wifi capability are key.


Osprey-FarpointOsprey Farpoint 55 Backpack
This is a two-in-one bag. There’s a big compartment in the main bag and a smaller backpack that can easily be zipped on or off as needed. The shoulder straps can easily be zipped up and hidden so it looks like a duffle bag. Big enough for month-long trips but small enough to fit as a carry-on if needed. Full review + video here.


Jedd used to love messenger bags but they never offered enough storage and when they did, the weight was always on one shoulder. We love having one big day backpack that we can use for just about everything: hiking, day excursions, taking our computers to coffee shops to work at, etc.. We love Deuter for the back ventilation systems, excellent craftsmanship, and the bonus rain cover that goes over the entire bag. Saved us during a random downpour while biking in the French countryside.


Michelle is a big fan of her C&M Morrison leather laptop bag. Tons of pockets, specifically designed to hold electronics, business cards, passport, and computer while still having plenty of room for other important items. Featuring a strap in the back to attach to carry-on luggage, this thing is made to travel. Full review here. Use the discount code ITRAVL at checkout for 15% off any Clark & Mayfield bag.


We use this runner’s belt as an alternative, hidden travel wallet. It blends in smoothly around your belt line, with room to slide in credit cards, money, even your passport and phone. No more bulky travel wallets hanging uncomfortably under our shirts!


An essential travel tool for digital nomads. Small, easy to use and features two usb chargers for phones, tablets, and cameras.


Heading to another country and not sure what their electrical systems are like? This is a great tool and comes with several plug adapters. This also converts electricity to work with American electronics. It also comes with a warranty to protect your gear should it fail. That’s nice.


We wanted a water bottle that had a protected lip and something that would keep water cold. In Jamaica when temperatures where extremely hot and humid, this bottle could be filled with water and ice in the morning and still have ice in the evening.


If you are going to someplace wet, consider an umbrella instead of a water proof jacket. The reason of this is that umbrellas are better shields for water. Unless you are in a situation where there is hurricane winds and sideways rain, the umbrella works well. It’s also compact and can dry quicker than jackets.


Exofficio Underwear
These undies are made with high-tech, quick drying fabric which is especially helpful when you’re traveling and have to hang-dry laundry overnight. They also last a lot longer than your typical cotton variety.


Disclosure: This page includes affiliate links. That means if you click and proceed to buy something, we can get a commission at no additional cost to you. We’re committed to only recommending things that we absolutely love and truly believe in.

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