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Are you looking for creative and effective ways to connect with an audience of savvy, passionate, experienced, and engaged international travelers?


We seek to connect our readers and fellow travelers with ideas, organizations, products, and services for more affordable, meaningful, responsible travel. We’re looking to work with individuals and organizations who can further help us achieve this mission. If this sounds like you, we want to partner with you.


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Using our combined experience and skills in web services, writing, videography, and photography, we are uniquely positioned as an online resource site and content creation team.


We can help you share your brand with a community of active and engaged international travelers. Our readers are looking for the best information, services, and products that will make travel easier, more affordable, and more meaningful. They’re looking to explore beyond the typical resort vacation and have more authentic, life-changing, cross-cultural experiences.


Below are some of the ways we can partner:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

We feature products and services on our site that benefit and interest our readers

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We occasionally advertise products and services that we truly believe in, if they align with our mission. This can be through reviews in a blog post, mentions in our e-newsletter, or features on one of our pages. Advertising fees and commissions are negotiable.

Content Creation

Content Creation

We do freelance writing and media work for other online and print publications

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We write about destinations we’ve visited, gear reviews and trip recommendations, travel tips and tricks, and reflections on intentional living. For example, we have been regular contributors for the Travel Corner on Clark & Mayfield’s blog. We also provide social media management (see J + M Consulting).

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

We are available for workshops, trainings, and guest speaking

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We’re passionate about sharing the transformational power of travel so that more people will be inspired to become better global citizens by intentionally exploring and better understanding the world. We can put together a seminar or workshop for your group on travel skills, intentional travel guidelines, digital nomad work, and more. Speaking fees negotiable.

Press Trips

Press Trips

We love to try tours we can potentially recommend to readers and clients

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We are always on the look-out for mutually beneficial partnerships that promote transformational travel. We are available for press trips, independent or group tours, and product/services testing in exchange for coverage on our blog, newsletter, or partner pages.

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Organizations we’ve partnered with

Our goal is to help our readers and clients connect with like-minded brands and organizations as we grow our database of partners. Here are just a few examples:


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