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Best Women's Laptop Bags for Work and Travel | Intentional Travelers

11 Nov Best Women’s Laptop Bags for Work and Travel

Because I rely on my laptop for work and live out of a suitcase year-round, having an amazing laptop bag has become very important. I’ve never been much of a “purse person” but ever since I got my hands on my current laptop bag, I take it everywhere.

My bag is from a family-run company in Portland called Clark & Mayfield that specializes in stylish, carry-all handbags specifically designed for laptops and tablets. The founder and owner was a media specialist at an elementary school who saw a need for well-designed women’s bags that could accommodate all of her daily necessities plus her laptop. Here are some images I took for them of their Fall 2015 collection:

Fall 2015 Clark & Mayfield Laptop Bag Collection | Best Laptop Bags | Intentional Travelers

I’m excited to share that Clark & Mayfield has agreed to give Intentional Travelers readers a 15% discount off any order at Just use the discount code: ITRAVL when you check out. The code is only valid for a few months but it works on top of sale prices (like Cyber Monday) so it would be an especially good deal for Christmas presents.

One of my freelance gigs for the past year has involved writing “Where’s My Bag?” travel articles for Clark & Mayfield. These are some of the destinations I’ve taken my Morrison leather laptop bag:

I wouldn’t recommend this bag if I didn’t love it. I use the Morrison 14.4″ Leather Laptop bag, and it really is the perfect bag for me. I think my favorite thing about Clark & Mayfield bags are their smart use of pockets. The front has special pockets that perfectly fit my passport, business cards, pens, cell phone, and sunglasses.

Best Laptop Bags for Women | Intentional Travelers

Inside is a sleeve that keeps my laptop protected and is super convenient when I need to slide it in and out quickly for security checks at the airport. This sleeve has the additional benefit of providing a flat structure within the bag so that papers and notebooks don’t get bent out of shape. There are also three bucket pockets inside which I use to keep my every-day items in place, so I always know exactly where to reach for my Advil, lip gloss, sunglasses, etc. And there are also “hidden” zipper pockets in the lining of the bag – a great place for feminine hygiene products or other things that you don’t want spilling out at inopportune moments.

If you want a better peek inside my bag, here’s a brief video I made for Clark & Mayfield last year when we were on our way to France:

As you can see, these bags can carry quite a bit and are really versatile. I was able to pack for a whole weekend trip in mine and it’s one of the smaller bags they have available. If it’s a larger rolling carry-on/briefcase bag or a smaller tablet bag you need, Clark & Mayfield has those as well.

If you have questions about these bags, feel free to ask me. They’re the best I’ve seen for women’s work bags and travel bags. Don’t forget to use the discount code ITRAVL before it expires to get 15% off your online order.

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