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25 Jul Unconventional Blessings: Why We Take Part in the World Domination Summit

Since 2014, I look forward to one week more than any other in the year. It’s a week in which over 1200+ people from all over the world come to Portland to gather around the values of Community, Adventure, and Service. The focus? To discuss the central question of: “How can we live a remarkable life in a conventional world?”  The event is called the World Domination Summit (WDS).

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Feel-good, cross-cultural movies to explore the globe from home

10 May 11 Uplifting Global Movies

Travel isn't the only way to open our eyes to new cultures. We've hand-picked 11 movies that will help you learn about our world, grow in cultural understanding, and also leave a smile on your face. Entertainment for Good We think it's important for everyone, young and old, to be engaged, global...

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Clark & Mayfield carry-all Morrison leather laptop bag | Intentional Travelers

18 Apr Packing hacks of frequent travelers

Knowing how to pack a suitcase or backpack is an important skill. We reached out to some of our favorite frequent travelers about their top travel hacks for packing light. Each set of travelers has a different packing strategy. Hopefully, their tried-and-tested packing tips will help you discover the best way to...

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02 Dec Our Favorite Alternatives to Travel Wallets

Travel Wallet Alternative 1: FlipBelt Review The best hidden travel wallet is actually a runner’s belt! Pros of Flipbelt: Great design and color/size options. Holds a lot of different items securely all around the belt and not it one place Holds items flat against someones body to help conceal items Has a...

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