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11 May A Greater Vision for Travel: Personal and Global Transformation

At Intentional Travelers, we desire to see our society grow in generosity and compassion. We think our world will be a better place if we all strive to better understand others who are different from us. We hope we can all expand our definition of “neighbor”- or brother and sister – and learn new ways to better love them.

We want to see  people grow in appreciation of the world we live in – developing gratefulness for what we have, awe of the beauty in nature and the diversity of the human race, and respect enough to care well for all that inhabits the Earth as if it were our own.

We desire to see people live with more intentionality, not simply sleep-walking through the habits prescribed by our culture, but embracing the power of choice. We believe everyone should avoid the tempting messages of marketing that teach us to fulfill our longings with material stuff because that pushes out room in our lives for what truly matters. Instead, we think we would be better off investing in experiences that help us grow.

We desire to see a people who tread lightly, care deeply, take their global citizenship seriously, and give liberally in ways that ripple out positive effects across communities and around the globe. This is a life-long undertaking that is not easy or straight-forward, but we believe it’s worth trying anyway. We think living this way will improve our well-being and inner contentment on a personal level, while strengthening peace and helping to restore justice internationally.

A New Vision for Travel: Personal and Global Transformation

For us personally, the opportunity to travel has been the spark that changed our lives and fuels our passion. We recognize that we’re definitely not the only ones who believe that intentional travel can be transformational for both personal and global development. From Mark Twain (above), to Rick Steves, to today’s well-known travel bloggers (below), there are countless examples of people crediting travel for its life-changing effects.

In their presentation at TBEX Dublin (a travel bloggers conference) in 2013, Dan and Audrey of Uncornered Market shared the following:

“Travel is the greatest platform for personal transformation. It’s so powerful. It’s the ultimate tool for connection. It is the ultimate tool of cultural understanding. We would even suggest it’s perhaps the greatest tool for peace and positive global change.

At the end of our life it is said that a reel is played of all of those kind of highlight moments. The question is: what are those highlight moments that are going to be on that reel?”

So what kind of things are on your highlight reel – are they experiences or things? How has travel transformed you? If you connect with the vision we’ve shared in this post, we’d love to hear from you. Please introduce yourself in the comments below, or through our Contact page, and be sure to join our e-newsletter.

Photo credit: Ben&Connie of Dreamspace Collective

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  • Dorene
    Posted at 01:52h, 15 May

    Brilliant read guys love this post. Travel has changed us completely – making us better global citizens. Really nice work. On a separate note – if you are in Portland now, are you going to be attending WDS this year? We’ll be there this year again and we’d love to connect with you two!

    • intentionaltravelers
      Posted at 07:48h, 15 May

      Thanks, Dorene, we really appreciate that. And yes. We are on the WDS planning team this year so we will definitely be there! If you come early or stay late, let us know- then we’ll have more time to talk.

      • Dorene
        Posted at 23:29h, 17 May

        Great, let’s try to do just after WDS I’ll reach out over email. Cheers!

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