Best Coffee Shops with Wifi for Work or Studying in Salem, Oregon - Intentional Travelers
Best Coffee Shops with wifi in Salem, Oregon for work or study | Intentional Travelers

07 Dec Best Coffee Shops with Wifi for Work or Studying in Salem, Oregon

Finding cool new places with wifi where we can work is one of the perks of being digital nomads. Although we’re not coffee aficionados, we really enjoy the “change of scenery” that coffee shops provide to our work week. In bigger cities, there are great resources like to find new cafes, co-working spots, and other work/study-friendly environments. I don’t know of anything similar that exists for my hometown of Salem, Oregon so I thought I’d start a compilation of my own.

All of the coffee shops below happen to have popped up since I grew up and left town, though the old classics are still there – like The Beanery and Gov Cup downtown. These made the cut for the following reasons:

  • Good wifi
  • Roomy, work-friendly spaces
  • Open through the evening
  • Good food and drink
  • Cool, friendly vibe

Urban Grange CafeBest Coffee Shops with wifi in Salem, Oregon for work or study | Intentional Travelers

Urban Grange Coffee in West Salem has done a great job of giving their box-shaped strip mall location a cozy, living room feel. They serve the typical coffee, tea, smoothies, and Italian sodas alongside a nice selection of pastries. I had their seasonal caramel apple sider, which was delicious.

Archive Coffee & Bar

ArchivePhoto above by SLF via Archive’s facebook page

Archive Coffee & Bar is the classiest spot in Salem where we’ve worked. It’s a specialty coffee shop by day and craft bar by night that also serves pastries and northwest-inspired small plate menu items. I tried their drinking chocolate and will definitely be back for more. Just one year old, Archive gives me the sense that the Salem I grew up in has come a long way in style and sophistication.

Ike Box Coffee Shop

Ike Box Coffee Shop, Salem, Oregon | Intentional Travelers

As we discovered in last year’s post, Favorite Spots to Hang Out in Salem, this coffee shop has an amazing story behind it. Not only does Ike Box have a coffee shop and event spaces, they also run a youth life-skills program and partner with a local correctional facility for some of their baked goods. The coffeeshop has a pretty wide variety of drinks and snacks available and plenty of different spots to sit and work.

Broadway Coffee HouseBroadway Coffeehouse - Salem, Oregon | Intentional Travelers

Broadway Coffeehouse - Salem, Oregon | Intentional Travelers

This spacious coffee shop, which we also featured last year in our Favorite Spots to Hang Out in Salem post, focuses on sourcing and serving high-quality coffee. I love how many seating options are in this place, and can’t resist their marionberry-white chocolate scone when it’s available.

This are the coffee shops in Salem I’d go back to any day to work for a few hours online. Do you have favorites of your own? Any new places we should try?

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