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03 Nov Intentional Travel Interview: Brittni & Mike – Creatives in Transit

When we first considered living an unconventional, Digital Nomad lifestyle, we wondered if others were doing something similar. Turns out, we are definitely not alone.

It’s an awesome community who loves to share their adventures, the great discoveries and challenges, the bits of helpful information they wished they had known, and the inspiration needed for people like us to start our own journey. It seems that though many of us have never met in person, we have a lot in common.

One of the things we want to do is to share other peoples’ journeys and adventures, especially those that we admire and who inspire us. Every now and then we’ll be interviewing people from all over the world who choose intentionality and unconventional means to live the lives they dream of.

Introducing our first interviewees…

Brittni and Mike Rogers

Blog or Website Name
Creatives In Transit –

Who are you and what do you do?
We’re Brittni and Mike, a newlywed couple from Vancouver, Canada currently traveling the world with our creative design business (Suited Brand Lab) in tow. We’re not backpackers (our luggage makes that very apparent), but we find enjoyment in the little details like the street vendor with a smile or the cute coffee shop down the road. We’re looking to see the world on our own terms, meet some cool people along the way and inspire others to do the same.

How did you get started in this lifestyle?
A couple of years ago, we spent a year living in Japan teaching English. The living abroad part we loved! The teaching English part… not so much. We wished we could continue travelling and living in cool places, without the attachment of reporting to someone else’s schedule. After we returned to Canada we found more and more blogs (like this one) that showed that it wasn’t just a dream, but that you could really travel and support yourself at the same time. While we were locked into contracts at our day jobs, we saved up money and built our web and graphic design business on the side to keep us going. Before we knew it, we were ready to hit the road and we haven’t looked back since.

What’s the best part of your current lifestyle?
Eating noodles everyday! We’re actually pretty huge foodies, so the opportunity to regularly visit new cultures and experience new foods is one of the key drivers behind our travels. But we’re not just gluttons – we love the social aspect of food, and how it brings people together no matter where you’re from or what language you speak. A delicious local meal shared with good company – that’s what it’s all about for us.

What’s the most challenging aspect?
Finding a balance between work and leisure continues to be a struggle for us. We’re content enough to lock ourselves in our guest house for days plugging away on different projects, only to emerge bleary eyed and tired with a tinge of guilt in our bellies. It’s important for us to make time to go on excursions and weekend trips away from our laptops and fully enjoy the scenery that brought us here in the first place.

mikeWhat over-arching goals or values that drive your life choices?
We want all of our actions and our work to have a positive impact on the people we meet, our clients, and the environment in which we live. That means not making a profit at the expense of someone else, or proliferating goods and services that we don’t believe in. To that same extent, we want to leave as minimal an impact as possible on the places we visit – it’s not our place to produce a lot of waste and we try to remain conscious of that.

What’s 1 big thing you hope to accomplish this year? In 10 years? In your whole life?
That’s a difficult question! We don’t have any quantifiable goals like “make $100k this year” or any glamorous objectives like “visit every country in the world” – I think those can be a little bit distracting. Really, the biggest goal for us to be able to keep doing what we’re doing now, living wherever we choose for as long as we enjoy doing it. From where we are right now, that sounds like the perfect long term objective.


If you could give one piece advice to others interested in your lifestyle, what would it be?
It’s easy to get caught up in the success of others, especially as portrayed through the internet and social media. Remember that everyone’s journey started somewhere – you can’t be comparing your beginning to someone’s middle. We’ve also found from our own experiences that what you see online is usually heavily filtered and curated, usually only the best experiences and adventures. We all have our daily struggles and challenges that don’t make it to our Facebook page – this is not a perfect life and it is not without challenges. However with the right amount of determination and perseverance, the rewards can be immensely greater than any paycheque from a 9-5 at home.brittni

Where is the coolest place you’ve been to recently or coolest thing you’ve done recently?
Recently when we were staying in Osaka, Japan, we were lucky enough to be invited on a weekend away with a Japanese friend and her family to their old family house deep in the rural countryside. While we often think of tall skyscrapers, neon lights and packed subway cars, this was an old house on a mountain with paper walls, a wood-fired bathtub and a pit toilet – a stark contrast. And while it was a far cry from the Japanese city life we had grown accustomed to, it was mind blowing to know that their family had grown up and lived in that house only a generation ago. It was a unique experience that we were lucky to have while we had the opportunity – many of the houses in the area are being abandoned as it becomes increasingly difficult to make a living outside of the major industrial cities, and their house will soon likely suffer the same fate.

Anything else you want to share (did we miss something)?
Always carry a pack of tissues in your bag, because you seriously never know when you might need them. Seriously.

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