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14 Jul One Month on the Road: Our Rockies Road Trip Itinerary

Here’s where to find trip reports from the various stops on our Rockies Road Trip itinerary:

Washington     Vancouver     Kelowna     Banff     Glacier    Fort Collins    Rocky Mountain N.P.    Denver

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We started planning this trip in the midst of our two-year Peace Corps service in Jamaica. I think that’s why I was compelled to this part of the country for our trip. After two years on a small island in the Caribbean, I was nostalgic for that familiar, crisp, green wilderness; the open road; and epic mountains. Exploring the Rockies seemed the perfect answer.

Power in Portland

We kicked off the journey after spending four days serving as volunteer Ambassadors at the World Domination Summit. WDS is basically a conference about Community, Adventure, and Service. It brings together almost 3,000 world changers, entrepreneurs, travelers, bloggers, and non-conformists from around the world to downtown Portland. Listening to the speakers and other attendees’ stories gave us a lot to discuss while on the road.

"How do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world?"

Win Win in Washington

Our journey began with visiting a number of friends in Washington state. Two of our friends (a couple) proposed an unofficial “help exchange”. They wanted some help planting native plants in their backyard and learning some new recipes, so they hosted us for the week and also loaned us a lot of camping gear to use on the rest of our trip.

This is exactly the kind of creative, unconventional thinking that we’re about. We get to travel and keep costs low, they get our help on things they need. We all get to hang out with each other. It’s a win, win, win!

Beautiful British Columbia

We would have loved to spend more time in Vancouver and Victoria. Instead, we hit up the Richmond night market – a truly extraordinary cultural experience. Then drove to Kelowna, BC. This is the only part where we paid a little extra ($50/night) to stay with locals through AirBnB.

Next, we continued up to Banff National Park to camp for four nights. We did a lot of hiking and biking around there, as well as Jasper and Lake Louise.

More Mountains in Montana

Glacier National Park is one everyone was surprised we skipped over on our first month-long Epic ‘National Parks of the West’ Road Trip. It was a high priority on this trip. We snagged a first-come first-serve campsite and explored the park for several days.

From there, we stayed with friends overnight in Salt Lake City.

Colorado Rockies

Lily Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park | Intentional Travelers

This part of the trip we joined up with family on vacation in Fort Collins, Estes Park, and Boulder. We also got to visit and stay with some fellow Peace Corps Jamaica Volunteers in Denver.

On our way home to Oregon, we made quick stops in Salt Lake City and Boise at friends’ houses.

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Itinerary on our one-month road trip through the U.S. and Canadian Rocky Mountain range - Banff to Glaicier to Rocky Mt National Park | Intentional Travelers

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