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08 Nov Barcelona Food Tour: Boqueria & El Raval Bitemojo Review

Barcelona, Spain is a foodie heaven, so a food tour of Barcelona is a great way to dive into the city’s culture. For independent travelers who like to explore at their own pace, a new self-guided food tour option harnesses the power of your smartphone to take you on your own culinary journey.

We’re talking about the Bitemojo app.

We first had the opportunity to test out Bitemojo food tours in Rome‘s Jewish Quarter, and we were thrilled to try a second complimentary tour in Barcelona. They’re also available in Berlin, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv, and we truly hope to see more cities pop up soon.

We love the concept – it’s like having a progressive meal while discovering a secret corner of the city. We got the benefit of a curated experience without being herded along with a tour group.

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Bitemojo’s Boqueria Market and El Raval Food Tour

At the moment, Bitemojo has two food tours in Barcelona, Spain. Each focused on a different neighborhood. We chose the tour that includes the Boqueria Market because, well, we always love food markets.

Although we spent a full week in Barcelona, our time was actually very limited because we had volunteer duties, assisting with a conference, in addition to our regular online work. The Bitemojo tour was perfect for this, because we were able to get our Bites in two different blocks of time (actually three, if you count our bonus Bite – more on that later).

We did the first half during our lunch hour – two savory Bites and one sweet, plus we bought ourselves fresh juice while we were at the market, before running off to a workshop. Then we returned to El Raval neighborhood later one evening and had the remaining three Bites for dinner. I was well satisfied both times, even though we had only half our Bites at a time!

About El Raval

El Raval is not a typical neighborhood for tourists to explore, so once you’re past La Rambla and the popular Boqueria Market, you get to escape the crowds. This was Barcelona’s red light district and has always been populated by immigrants – it’s still a bit gritty but has been cleaned up and revived into a vibrant multi-cultural community.

Thanks to its diversity, El Raval is home to some of the best bars and restaurants in Barcelona.

The Bites

Exploring a new part of Barcelona is great, but the food is the star of the show here. Let’s take a look at the great Bites that were included in our tour through the Bitemojo app.

The first two bites come from vendors within the Boqueria Market. This was a place we wanted to visit anyway, and it was great to have some direction as to what to try. We tracked down the stall number given for these cod fish balls and the owner was nice enough to chat with us briefly between customers and pose for our picture.

Crispy on the outside and like a savory cornbread on the inside – these things were delicious!

The next Bite on our map was a meat and cheese stall that had little sets of local sheeps milk cheese and Catalan cured sausage slices ready to go.

Vendors set up their stalls in Boqueria Market to be as colorful and enticing as possible, and it worked on us. Although it wasn’t included in the Bitemojo tour, we couldn’t pass up sampling the brightly colored fresh juices for 1 euro each.

The market can get very crowded in peak season, so it’s wise to go outside of meal-time. We chowed down and then pulled off to the side of the market to read up on the vendors through the app.

With time for only one more Bite at the time, we took advantage of the tour’s flexibility. Instead of heading on to stop #3 on our tour map, we saw that the last stop was closer to us – and it was a gourmet donut shop!

OMG those donuts were divine and the shop was a feast for the eyes. After much deliberation, we selected one oreo donut and one tri-color chocolate. It was light and rich at the same time. We were very tempted to take home a set of cupcakes, too. Maybe next time…

Food stops are not the only aspect of this tour – the walking map also talks about the other points of interest we came across along the way. On our own, we never would have uncovered spots like this park inside the courtyard of an old hospital.

To complete the second half of our tour, we visited vendors 3, 4, and 5 early one evening.

At one trendy little shop, we enjoyed a “bola” – a reimagined tapas dish with fried polenta cake and Mexican-style pork and aioli. There was a small hiccup, as the staff wasn’t familiar with Bitemojo and the owner was out for the day. In an effort to help explain how the app works, we clicked “Claim Bite” in front of the employee at the counter. He still didn’t understand, but a minute later, the owner called in and explained, as she had just received a Bitemojo confirmation email. So all was well!

Next, we sampled a tapas dish of artichoke hearts and ham, paired with a cold beer. The app mentioned that eggplant with honey was another alternative available, but it wasn’t offered to us at the time. Although not our favorite flavors out of all the Bites, it was still good and we enjoyed the setting looking out over a main plaza in Raval.

To top off our progressive dinner, we got to sample some treats from a little chocolate shop. The sweet lady at the counter helped explain what everything was (in Spanish) and we picked out three things, including puff cream pastries and different chocolate truffles. It was a delightful way to end our second set of Bites!

Bonus Bite Credit

As I mentioned briefly, we ended up with a bonus Bite and actually did a third little round of our food tour. That’s because when we were in Rome, one of the six vendors on our tour was temporarily closed and we were issued a Bite Credit. We were happy to learn that our credit carried over to a different city, and it allowed us to sample one of the Bites from the other tour in Barcelona that we didn’t get to do.

So we scrolled through the Bites available to us in the app and when we found ourselves in the area of the Gothic Quarter, we used our credit to claim one more Bite at an artisan ice cream stand!

We’ve had a lot of fun on our Bitemojo food tours and are happy to be able to share them with our readers. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this innovative, self-guided food tour app.

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