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30 Jun How to Find Work in Amazing Destinations

Whether it’s in government, a non-profit, or a random gig on the other side of the world, these are the best sites we know of to get your international job search started.

We originally wrote this post to help our fellow Peace Corps Volunteers look for interesting, meaningful jobs after their two years of service abroad. We have since updated it with even more resources and expanded the scope for anyone seeking employment in amazing destinations around the world.

International Development and Overseas Jobs

International Development jobs are especially popular among Peace Corps Volunteers and others who are serious about working abroad with a humanitarian agency.


If you want to work for the federal government, including Peace Corps headquarters, is the place to start. You can also find vacancies specifically at USAID. Other global development jobs can be found at Devex. Next Billion’s Jobs Feed posts jobs, fellowships, and internships related to development through enterprise.


The Idealist site is an industry leader for non-profit work, education, community development, and more. You’ll find everything from full-time jobs to part-time entry level to internships and volunteer opportunities both domestically and abroad.


Teachers and administrators in the education field, can find job opportunities at international schools around the world through Search Associates, Educators Overseas, or the job fairs through International Schools Review.

Outside-The-Box Jobs

Not all RPCVs have their sights on development work but many share a love of adventure and a desire to see the world. For those who, like us, aren’t ready to work in a cubicle, there are some great options for you, too.


Start short-term by taking a job sabbatical. Jobbatical helps you take a professional career break to use your skills and knowhow working on an exciting project, in a new team, in a new environment.


For those with a little more job experience, Escape the City is dedicated to finding exciting, meaningful, non-corporate jobs all over the world. It’s free to join and get weekly updates about really cool job openings.


Coolworks listings are primarily seasonal but all the jobs are in adventurous locales. You can search by category, location (like National Parks), or season. A great short-term strategy for those who just need something to keep them busy after re-entry.


These international networks of hosts provide room and board in exchange for a few hours of work. Find gigs just about anywhere in the world, from organic gardening to assisting guests at a country B&B. Stay for a few days or a few months, depending on the host. Note that you will need to pay your transportation to the worksite and most do not pay any hourly wages, but if you’ve got the means, it’s a fantastic way to continue meeting people and seeing the world cheaply.


The Modern Day Nomads site lists meaningful work-to-travel opportunities (many with housing) in the industries of property caretaking, digital media, adventure/recreation, education, culinary/hospitality, transportation, ecological/farm, and humanitarian industries. 


One of my favorite resources over the years has been the Transitions Abroad magazine-turned-website. They have lots of articles on gap year programs, internships, volunteer positions, seasonal work, and full-time jobs abroad. Their job listings include English teaching and other international education work, au pair positions, farm work, hospitality jobs, and so much more.

“Digital Nomad” Self-Employment or Remote Work

Becoming digital nomads is the route we went after Peace Corps, and we love it. Whether as a freelancer or a full-time employee of a forward-thinking company, many people are now working online from their computers, allowing them to take their jobs on the road.

uncguide5If you’re interested in working for yourself to have more flexibility and freedom to travel, we can recommend a few resources to get your started. The Live and Work From Anywhere Guide (starting at $49) gives you the tools and knowledge you need to build yourself an online business.

If you’re thinking a bit smaller and want to start a side business or an additional income stream online, try the Create A Micro-Business Micro-Course ($19.99). Designed to Sell (starting at $147) is a comprehensive online course specifically for creatives who want to make a self-sustaining business out of their art.

There are also plenty of comprehensive online courses for entrepreneurs, online workers, and creative businesses taught by the world’s leading experts at CreativeLive. Check their live broadcasts each week for classes that you can watch for free.

A number of industries are ditching the cubicles and moving their jobs online. These include marketing, administrative, customer service, sales, IT, healthcare, and education jobs. For a list of companies that employ remote workers, see this article by FlexJobs.

Other Travel Job Ideas

If none of the jobs above strike your fancy, there are still even more traditional jobs where travel is often integral. We don’t have specific resources for these, but here are a few ideas:

  • Pilot, Flight Attendant, or Airline Employee with flight benefits
  • Tour Operator
  • Journalist, Photographer, or Travel Writer
  • Sales Rep, Recruiter, or College Admission Counselor
  • Cruise ship staff

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Are you looking for a job? Have you found any resources worth sharing with the Intentional Travelers community? Please share in the comments below.

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Awesome guide for where to look for work in cool places - List of top online sites for work and travel, overseas jobs, sabbaticals, seasonal positions, digital nomad work, and meaningful international jobs. | Intentional Travelers

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    Another website that is a good resource for finding international work opportunities is They have positions in digital marketing, bizdev, design, and tech in durations ranging from 3 months to 2+ years.

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