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12 Jun Three Great Routes to Run or Walk in Waikiki

For visitors to downtown Waikiki looking to stay active, there aren’t any real hikes in Waikiki, but there are some great walking and running routes.

If you’re looking for non-urban hikes near Waikiki, check out our Honolulu hiking guide.

In this post, I’ll share my three favorite running routes in or around Waikiki. They allow you to explore, people watch, and experience the highlights of Waikiki while burning off that delicious Hawaiian food! Just click on the Waikiki walking maps below to get an interactive look at each route on MapMyRun.

Staying Active in Honolulu, Hawaii

We often visit Jedd’s family in Honolulu, Hawaii. With its picturesque landscapes and favorable climate year-round, Hawaii is an ideal place for an active vacation.

Honolulu is a unique place in that it is a “major” city on a relatively small island. While you may not get the traditional, quiet, country vibe if you stay in town, there certainly is a lot to see and do. And it’s easy to take day trips to the rest of the island.

If you want to be at the heart of all the action, then Waikiki is the place for you. There’s an abundance of hotels and condos for rent within walking distance of the beach. But you can also find a place elsewhere (we recommend Kailua) and do a day trip into Waikiki to see what it’s all about.

For more info, check out our free guide about where to stay on Oahu.

Oahu hotels

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Route 1: Heart of Waikiki Walk

Waikiki Running Walking Route | Intentional Travelers
Distance: 4.45 miles (can easily cut it short numerous ways)
Description: This route will take you from one end of Waikiki Beach to the other, and you can start on either end – or in the middle. You’ll see the whole gamut of activity along the beach – from the well-used Kapiolani park, to the crowded beach full of surfers and sun-bathers, from high-end stores to tourist shops, lots of hotels, and also one of the marinas. Technically, you can walk the whole beach if you don’t mind soft sand and the crowds of beach-goers, but this mapped route stays on paved pathways and sidewalks. Take a detour into Fort DeRussy Park (next to the Hale Koa hotel) to mix up your work-out with an exercise circuit (pull-ups, etc.).
Parking: There is free parking at the marina on the NW end of this route but you may have to wait for a spot to open up. Paid parking ($1/hr) is usually easiest to find around Kapiolani Park or the Zoo parking lot. Or test your luck throughout Waikiki.
Waikiki Walking Running Route | Intentional Travelers

Click to see map details

Route 2: Diamond Head Loop

Kapiolani Park Waikiki Running Walking | Intentional TravelersDistance: 3.89 miles
Description: This is a nice big loop around Honolulu’s most iconic landmark. There’s one good uphill (and a few small ones) either direction you choose to go. You’ll see some high-end homes, part of Kapiolani Park, and pass a number of eateries on Montserrat if you want to reward yourself with a coffee or snack. We sometimes take  a break to watch the surfers from above or time our run to end up at Kapiolani Community College for the Saturday market. If you really want a work out, do this route and then pay $1 per person to walk in (or $5/vehicle) to the State Monument and climb the stairs to Diamond Head’s scenic overlooks. This is the closest hike near Waikiki. Or stop off at one of two exercise parks near the Monument entrance to get in some pull ups.
Parking: There’s paid parking in Kapiolani Park along Kalakaua Ave and free parking around Fort Ruger Park (a.k.a. Triangle Park) and some of the surrounding neighborhoods. If you’re going to the Saturday Market or into the State Monument area afterward, you should also be able to find parking around those areas.

Diamond Head Walking Running Loop | Intentional Travelers

Click to see map details

Walk Magic Island & More

Waikiki from marina | Intentional TravelersDistance: 4.35 miles (can shorten to about 3 miles)
Type of Route: The bulk of this route is a 3 mile paved loop around Magic Island and Ala Moana Beach Parks. It’s a fun place for watching surfers, paddle boarders, and outrigger canoe teams. I added an additional leg on the East side, through the neighboring marina, to boost the distance- you’ll also start there if you’re coming on foot from Waikiki. Also, some people will probably prefer to just go out and back along the beachside of Magic Island as it is more scenic than making the loop back on the trail that parallels Ala Moana Boulevard. Apart from little bridges, this route is actually quite flat.
Parking: You can park free within Ala Moana or if you drive all the way in to the marina, but you may have to wait for a spot as they are popular with surfers.Magic Island Running Walking Route | Intentional Travelers

Click to see map details

We welcome your thoughts and questions! Please use the comments section below.

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