Kamanui Valley Road Hike - Oahu - Intentional Travelers
Kamanui-Valley Road Hike - Oahu, Hawaii | Intentional Travelers

22 Mar Kamanui Valley Road Hike – Oahu

The Kamanui Valley Road is a peaceful trail originating at Moanalua Valley Park with no particular destination. The journey is two miles one way on a wide, mostly flat, dirt and gravel road. The road does continue a bit further and there are options to follow mountain trails or detour off on side trails along the way.

While lacking any spectacular attraction at the end, the path does have several man-made bridges that make it unique as well as a few sites of historical significance. Signs along the way draw your attention to the natural, cultural, and historical features of the area – from bird and plant species to petroglyphs and ruins of dwellings from the 1800’s. You can follow a very short side trail into the jungle from one of the very first information posts to explore the former dwellings- only the rock foundation and fireplaces remain. The main path itself was once a carriage road for the family who lived there.

We actually saw a couple of wild pigs while walking around the ruins! (They’ll probably make an appearance in our future hiking video, but we didn’t have time to snap a still shot.)

Kamanui-Valley Road Hike - Oahu, Hawaii | Intentional Travelers

Jedd blends in with the surroundings

Since we heard that this trail was mostly flat, we went with the intention of jogging it. There were enough rocky patches to make it more challenging than we expected, though, and we ended up walking on the way back so we wouldn’t have to constantly watch our footing. Although we wouldn’t put it at the top of our “must do” list for hikes on Oahu, the trail makes a nice nature walk and a pleasant change of scenery for getting exercise.

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