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One Month in Europe : Our Itinerary through London, France, Belgium, Holland, and Denmark | Intentional Travelers

31 Aug One Month in Europe Itinerary (and Track My Tour review)

It’s hard to believe we’re already back from another month-long visit to Europe, a little less than a year after our first trip. We wouldn’t be able to it without travel hacking our free flights (our e-newsletter subscribers will find out more about that soon), having awesome friends and family (and friends of friends) willing to host us, and being able to work as digital nomads along the way.

Here’s a bit more about our summer trip to Europe:

Track My Tour

I tested out an app called Track My Tour while we were traveling. It essentially plots your waypoints on a map and allows you to upload pictures and trip information at each point. Below is the map of our trip- you can click on it to go to our trip page.

Track My Tour app for a one-month Europe trip | Intentional Travelers

Click here to TrackMyTour!

How Track My Tour works: Once you have the app on your smartphone, just open it up whenever you want to document a particular point of interest and “Add a Waypoint.” Snap a picture and then type in a comment or description. There’s a place to indicate the weather, record the location, and adjust the time and date. The GPS on your smartphone works whether or not you have cell or data service, so you can just select “Save offline” and submit your saved waypoints later on when you’re back in a wifi area.

I tried to capture each of the places we stayed overnight and a few attractions in the cities where we spent the most time. I did all of this without a local cell phone plan or data. Unfortunately, my phone doesn’t take the best pictures, but I thought it was a fun way to keep track of where we went. Another way to use it is you can share a link to your map with friends and family during your trip and they can follow along as you travel. The app allows up to two maps for free.

Our One Month Europe Itinerary

Here’s a really quick outline of our trip this past summer. For each leg of the journey, you’ll see one image, the number of nights we stayed, a very short description of what we did there, and links to related blog posts from that destination.

4 Tips for a Trip to London | Intentional Travelers

London, England

2 nights – Lots of walking to see free sights! (see 4 Tips for a Trip to London)

Domain de St. Hilaire, Roiffe| A Summer Wedding in Loire Valley, France | Intentional Travelers

Roiffé, France

4 nights – Wedding and family reunion! (see A Summer Wedding in Loire Valley, France)

Grand Place / Grotte Markt | Self-Guided Walking Tour of Brussels, Belgium | Intentional Travelers

Brussels, Belgium

2 nights – More walking to see free sights! (see Overcoming Minor Bumps for a Successful Visit in Brussels and A Self-Guided Walking Tour of Brussels)

How to Become a Travel Packing Expert (For Men) | Intentional Travelers

Bruges, Belgium

4 nights – Exploring by foot and bike! (see Top 5 Things to Do in Bruges)

4 Reasons Why You Should Try a Self-Guided Bike Tour | Bruges to Belgium Bike Trip | Intentional Travelers

Bruges, Vlissingen, Schuddebeurs, Willemstad, Dordrecht, Gouda, Amsterdam

7 nights – Self-guided bike tour with two other couples from Michelle’s family! (see 4 Reasons Why You Should Do a Self-Guided Bike Tour, A First Timer’s Survival Guide to Self-Guided Bike Tours in Europe, Packing List for a Summer Self-Guided Bike Tour in Europe)

Amsterdam - 1

Amsterdam, Holland

3 nights – Visited family, walked around, and boated!

Cool Things We Learned About Copenhagen and Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

10 nights – Stayed with a friend’s young family, helped around the house, and walked around the city! (see Cool Things We Learned about Copenhagen and Denmark)

Cool Things We Learned About Copenhagen and Denmark

Svenborg, Denmark

4 nights – Farm-stay/help exchange with friends of friends!

And that’s a wrap. Let us know if you’re heading to any of these places. We’d love to hear about it!

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