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03 Oct Why You Should Visit Peja Kosovo

When searching for the best places to visit and things to do in a new place, we’re partial to the recommendations of Peace Corps Volunteers. Today, we’re happy to bring you a guest post about Kosovo from April Gardner, a second-year volunteer with a background in social work.

Though many Kosovars will cite Prizren as the most beautiful city in Kosovo, I am partial to Peja. Located in Western Kosovo, Peja boasts some of the country’s biggest mountains. The chain stretches into Albania and forms what is known as the “Accursed Mountains.”

Hiking in Peja

If hiking is your thing, Peja has a moderately strenuous trail, which takes a few hours to complete. This quiet, well-marked path offers some truly stunning views of the city below.

If a moderate walk is more your speed, try the flatter health path that winds out of Peja and north into the Rugova Valley. It is advisable to exercise caution, as part of the walk will lead you onto a busy road. However, if you are willing to brave it, you will discover caves, a waterfall, a zipline, and a found-art display.

Other Things To Do in Peja Kosovo

Peja is also home to Patriarch Serbian Monastery. If you visit, be sure to bring along your passport. The monastery is home to 14th century frescos, beautiful grounds, and a gift shop where you can buy homemade raki and honey.

If you would like to do some more shopping, Peja also has a bazaar where you can find traditional clothing and handmade goods.

If you visit Peja in mid-August, be sure to check out the annual Anibar Animation Festival. Anibar is one of Kosovo’s largest film festivals and features animated films from around the globe. Information about programming can be found at Anibar’s information booth, located next to Hotel Dukagjini.

Finally, the Peja Ekological Museum is a great place to learn about Albanian traditions and history.

What To Do Near Peja

While you are in the Peja district, you may want to check out a few other scenic areas nearby.

To the northeast of Peja, you’ll find Istog. Tucked into the mountains, Istog is known for its fisheries and scenic views. Grab a bite to eat at one of the city’s well-known restaurants, and then take a stroll up to the mountains to relax and read a book.

Once you leave Peja and head south, turn down the road to Gjakova and you’ll discover one of Kosovo’s most famous waterfalls – Mirusha. The falls are about a kilometer or so from the main road. The trail to get to the waterfall is well-traversed and easy to hike. There are several waterfalls to see, depending on how high up the mountain you travel.

While all of Kosovo is stunning, the western side of the country has a lot to offer nature lovers. Please come and visit soon!

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