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23 Feb Rules for Intentional Travel: Spread the Wealth

This is the a guest post by Ingrid Hannan in our series, Simple Rules for Intentional Travel, by – and for – intentional travelers.

Rule #6: Spread the Wealth

Simple Rules for Intentional TravelIs that gift shop right by the hostel the only place to get that souvenir? Is that crowded bar with english on the menu the only place to eat lunch? Is that lodge in the ad on the tourist map the only place to stay? No. With few exceptions, everywhere you go there are many options for food and lodging and shopping. So help share the economic boom of your foreign money- take it to places off the beaten path, to places where maybe smaller shops or businesses can more directly benefit from it. And furthermore, try to support locally-owned restaurants and shops. It cuts down on outsiders developing and taking income from those indigenous the region.

This rule parallels easily with the “Shop Local” movement in our own hometowns. Your dollars can support mega-chains like Starbucks and McDonalds, or they can go to mom and pop coffee shops and diners. The basis behind this movement is that a greater percentage of the money spent at local businesses goes to the owners and workers, and a greater percentage stays in the city/ state it’s based in.

Another bonus to this philosophy? You’re more likely to have a one-of-a-kind story/lunch/keepsake. Sure, everyone wants a beignet at Cafe DuMonde in New Orleans. There’s definitely something to having a classic experience. But don’t let that overshadow the glory of the hole-in-the-wall dosa restaurant or that completely unique piece of art or that unforgettable beach bungalow you get to yourself.

Simple Rules for Intentional Travel

Stay tuned for more great stories and reflections as Ingrid digs deeper into more of the Simple Rules for Intentional Travel.

Intentional Travelers: Rules for Lightening Your Cultural Footprint by Ingrid H.About Ingrid: Ingrid is a wanderlust at heart. She’s lived all up and down the west coast, studying environmental science and Spanish at the University of Portland and studying how to grow vegetables in Colorado and Washington. Her favorite activities include rock climbing, eating ice cream, and writing letters. Her travels have taken her from the Caribbean to East Asia and many destinations inbetween. The next places she hopes to travel to are New Zealand, Japan, and Norway.

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