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15 Mar Rules for Intentional Travel: Ignore the Party Scene

This is the a guest post by Ingrid Hannan in our series, Simple Rules for Intentional Travel, by – and for – intentional travelers.

Rule #7: Ignore the Party SceneSimple Rules for Intentional Travel

You’ve often seen it: the hostel/backpacker party scene is out there. There are even whole books devoted to party hopping around the world. Dropping E, slurping down cheap liquor, raving all night; all while in a crazy new place sounds like a real adventure. But for a lot of people, it’s the ticket to being robbed, raped, injured, or even winding up in jail. It sounds alarmist or prudish, but think about the real reasons you’re traveling. Is it to see new places and expand your horizons? Or is it to try illegal drugs and have casual sex because being in a foreign place loosens up your ‘normal’ morals and ethics? These actions don’t just have a negative effect on your own life, they tarnish the community you are taking advantage of to go crazy for a two week stint.

Where you are is not a vacation spot for everyone, the people native to the area grow up, learn, work, and live here. Once-small towns become overtaken by neon-lit bars and loud hostels, often ruining the atmosphere. Illegal drugs bring crime and danger and health risk to all the people around. Your ‘bucket list’ is not more important than a healthy community. Skip the drugs. And honestly, lighten up on the booze too. Being drunk and rowdy not only reflects poorly on your culture, but it can be destructive.

Stay tuned for more great stories and reflections as Ingrid digs deeper into more of the Simple Rules for Intentional Travel.

Intentional Travelers: Rules for Lightening Your Cultural Footprint by Ingrid H.About Ingrid: Ingrid is a wanderlust at heart. She’s lived all up and down the west coast, studying environmental science and Spanish at the University of Portland and studying how to grow vegetables in Colorado and Washington. Her favorite activities include rock climbing, eating ice cream, and writing letters. Her travels have taken her from the Caribbean to East Asia and many destinations inbetween. The next places she hopes to travel to are New Zealand, Japan, and Norway.

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