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Review of a great 2-in-1 backpack for long-term travel - Osprey Farpoint 55 pack | Intentional Travelers

22 Nov Travel Gear Review: Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack

This is a review of our new, versatile travel backpack that works as a carry on, backpack, or duffle bag and comes with a bonus day pack. Introducing the Osprey Farpoint 55 Backpack.

Pros of the Osprey Farpoint 55:

  • Super versatile and great size
  • Great design and color/size options (we have the 55L, but there are two larger sizes)
  • Can be converted to a back pack or hide all the straps for a duffle or large-sized carry-on. Comes with a detachable day-size back pack that can hold most laptops
  • Interior pockets are well laid out to accommodate a lot of different storage needs
  • Great value for the design and versatility
  • Lifetime warranty – increases the value of the bag

Cons of the Osprey Farpoint 55:

  • No breathable/mesh area where it contacts your back (our other pack has this to prevent back sweat)
  • You kind of look like a turtle when wearing the full bag


In 2016, Michelle said goodbye to her travel’s backpack that she had for over 10 years and upgraded to a new Osprey two-in-one bag. We both love it so much that I’m thinking about joining the club and getting one myself (which is kind of crazy because I already have an Osprey backpackers’ pack).

The perfect backpack all depends on the kind of travel you do.

If you are doing lots of walking and backpacking/camping trips, then you’ll want a specific kind of pack, like the Osprey backpackers bag that I have. This was kind of the ubiquitous standard for world travelers.

What Osprey and other travel companies have realized, though, is that another market of travelers are out there looking for versatility – people who are using Airbnbs and taking Uber and not necessarily always trekking on foot to their destinations. But we are also the types of travelers that find backpacks to be extremely convenient in cities where mass transit is available (dealing with big luggage on stairs is a pain) or in developing countries where you need to hop on a moped.

In other words, flexible and adaptable luggage is a huge bonus.osprey-farpoint-55

About the Backpack

The Osprey Farpoint 55 is a two-in-one bag. There’s a big compartment in the main bag and a smaller backpack that can easily be zipped on or off as needed. Actually, when we first saw this bag at REI, we had no idea that the smaller day pack even existed. Just looking at the entire pack, you’d never know it was a separate entity, which is a clever design on Opsrey’s part. It’s seamless.

The same could be said for the intentionality behind the way they designed the larger bag’s back pack straps. These can easily be zipped up and hidden so it looks like a duffle bag. (One of my biggest complaints about my own backpack is that there are about 10 loose straps that are supposed to be used to make my bag larger or smaller as needed. However, these straps get caught, cut, or snagged while in transit.)

At 55 liters, the Osprey Farpoint is big enough to carry enough gear for month-long trips but small enough to fit as a carry-on if needed. In my opinion, the best use for the Farpoint is as a check-in bag, with the day pack either attached or detached as your carry on. (We actually saw some fellow travelers “sharing” the bag – one guy was wearing the main pack and the other was wearing the smaller day pack.)

Though Osprey makes two larger sizes at 70L and 80L, you’ll probably find that those two bags are too uncomfortable to carry on your back – and they just look massive. They also make a 40L size for those of you that are even more minimalistic in traveling than we are.

Again, the bag(s) you decide to travel with should best match the type of travel you’re doing. If you are sticking to one destination, not moving around much, and not encountering a lot of stairs or public transit, then traditional luggage is probably a good choice. If you are hiking from small village to village in another country or going backpacking and camping for several days in a National Park, then you’d probably want a backpackers pack with good suspension.

If you are looking for the storage size of traditional luggage and the convenience of being able to carry that load on your back when needed, then the Osprey Farpoint is the right bag for you.


Where can I get it?
We got ours from REI. Here’s where to find the Osprey Farpoint 55 online(Disclosure: We are REI affiliates because we love their stuff. We will get a small commission for purchases made through our links, at no additional cost to you.)

Are there different colors?
Yes. Volcanic grey, Jasper red, Caribbean blue.

Are there different sizes?
Yes. 40L, 50L, 70L, and 80L (the cost of the bag increases with the size)

Can the day pack hold a laptop?
Yes. It has a padded sleeve that will fit most laptops.

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Review of a great 2-in-1 backpack for long-term travel - Osprey Farpoint 55 pack | Intentional Travelers

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